Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Yamaha DT125

Friday 4th October between 12 midnight and 6.30 am from my address in Gomersal, ,

police never let me know that they had found my bike. It was a recovery service who contacted me ! I contacted police to see what had happened. They think it was taken for joyriders, and it had mybe been in an accident and thats why it was recove...

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Genesis Equilibrium

Sunday 24th June, ,

My bike was recovered over a year ago now. It was spotted by some work colleagues of mine, being walked down the street by the culprits.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 394

Peugeot Prologue

Friday 27th September 2019 , ,

A friend saw it at the park and I collected it

Specialized Roubaix pro

12 June 2018, ,

I set alerts on gum tree and whe to the sellers house with the cops

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 642

Pearson Palace

17.6.18, ,

Police found it

Reward Offered, 403

Giant Talon

24/06/2018, ,

Recovered is not the right word. 6 months after being stolen, I received a call from the police who arrested someone riding it. They identified it from the frame number. I was asked to make a statement and prepare myself for giving evidence at trial....

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TREK Domane 2.0 (2015)

10/12/2018, ,

Found by the police.

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Temple Classic

Christmas morning , ,

After seeing my bike for sale on Facebook market place I got someone out of town to bid for it. After a lot of texts, phone calls, footage from a local pub and a very lovely Police Force my bike was returned today. Thank you to everyone that spot...

Reward Offered, 85

honda VFR800F

Wednesday night about 2320, ,

Bike was recovered by police, thieves were in the process of stealing another with my bike still in the back of their van! Unfortunately it was after insurance has paid out and i wasn't allowed to have it back.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 581

Pinnacle Lithium

28/9/19, ,

Facebook ads, someone saw a kid on it locally and messaged me

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