Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

TREK 820

11th November 2019, ,

Spoon fed the Police lots of info and had them recover it. Frame number and fact I had different valve on wheels helped massively.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 165

Halfords Carrera vengeance 642141

17/02/2020 between 12.10am to 2.30am, ,

Checked all local cctv and posted on all local sites and asked a lot of people around the town eventually the thief couldn't resist selling it to another local person who had been told about the bike and they made contact with me ... from the day it...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 63

Carrera bicycles Vendetta

Monday 13th August 2018, ,

Bike discovered after enquiries at local schools in the area. Had been purchased by students parents from criminal entity.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 685

Halfords Carerra valour

By my back door in a locked area, ,

I put a strong message out to as many sites as I could and it worked, some 16 yr old scrotum that stole it has returned it to my house (lucky for him I’m at work) it just shows how fast social media works big thank you to all the spread the message

Voodoo Bantu

18/01/2020, ,

I found who had it and purchased it back for less than the insurance cost to claim.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 73

Trek Zektor 3

Sunday 17th Nov, 2019, 11am-11.10am, ,

Had my bike frame registered on Found it being sold online on Kept in contact with the police, who ultimately recovered it.

Framenumber Supplied 144

Halfords Pendleton

14/02/20, ,

Bike was dumped just round corner from our house. A neighbour had found it and kept it in his shed whilst he tried to track down the owner via lost properties sites etc. Happy ending, but very lucky!

Reward Offered, 68

Genesis CDA 10 2016

Found on eBay! On sale in a local pawn shop

Reward Offered, 124

Specialized Dolce Sport

Thursday 14th November 2019, ,

An advert for it for sale was spotted on Facebook marketplace. The seller had bought it from a scrap merchant. Very kindly the seller, who was unaware it was stolen, returned it with no issue. A good outcome.

Cube Reaction Hybrid

Lamb's Passage, ,

The police recovered the bike, the thief is now in prison.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 510