Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Pinnacle Stratus 1.0

Between 22:30 15/10/2018 and 07:00 16/10/2018, ,

Simply lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Had been sold/swapped on the day after it was stolen. Police attended and bike returned.

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decathlon rockrider 5xc

late hours of sunday 07/10/18 or early hours of monday 08/10/18, ,

police recovered bike as it was abandoned in an estate up the road from where it was stolen.

Kona Hei Hei 29

27.09.2018 22:00 - 28.09.2018 10:00, ,

Police found the bike being advertised on Gumtree. They recovered it and going to contact me to pick it up

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Brompton Bicycle ML3

It was taken off the 1841 Bath Spa to London Paddington Train. Probably the thief got off at Chippenham. I get off at the next stop and thats when I relaised what had happened., ,

Thank goodness for honest people. My bike was spotted on this site after somebody else thought that the bike they had bought didn't feel right. Giving lots of details, especially about the idiosyncrasies of your bike helps. It makes it easy to rec...

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nukeproof scalp

Social media / police .

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Giant ATX 2

Recovery by British Transport Police. They caught the thief during the theft.

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Trek Dualsport+ Ebike (Stolen in Evesham High Street)

11.40am 4TH August 2017, ,

Recovered by kenilworth police.

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Blackfoot MountainBike WOLF

15.09.2018, ,

Many thanks to James from arriva trains!

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Trek Alpha 1.1

Edinburgh Waverly station, ,

Thanks to the shop that was alert enough to recognise this bike may have been stolen when the perpetrators tried to sell it and the police for their quick actions in recovering it.

Reward Offered, 275

Giant Roam 0 (2017)

13/09/2018, ,

Recovered by Merseyside Police, with my great appreciation. Burglar apprehended at the same time, I believe.

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