Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

SCOTT Navajo

25/06/2021, ,

Someone found my bike left down their road and contacted me via Stolen Bike. The bike wasn't very far from where I live so they dumped it on that street. The back tyre is flat but it seems not damaged.

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Trek Remedy

18-06-2021, ,

Found it on facebook marketplace, met with the seller and persuaded them to let me leave with it.

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Lapierre AM527 Edge

20th June 2020, ,

Recovered through neighbour CCTV and Community Facebook Group.

Romet M2 Mustang

Toryglen G42, ,

I nice person from this website contacted me that they have spotted my bike on Facebook marketplace listing and I head there to confront the seller police was notified and all they did was to advice me to not go there... anyway after interacting wi...

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Carrera bicycles Crossfire 2

17.06.21, ,

found the ad on gumtree were able to contact a person

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Creme Cycles holymoly doppio ladies

27 May, ,

My bike appeared on Gumtree 2 weeks after it was stolen. I tried to get help from the police but I couldn't reach them on the phone on time. So I decided to contact the seller immediately, made an appointment to see the bike, asked to try it and rid...

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Brompton Bicycle M3L

8 May 2021, ,

Contacted by third party that had bought it from the original thief. Very kindly offered to return our bike once she had found that it was stolen.

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Raleigh Fervent

20/05/2021, ,

The bike was abandoned a few squares from my house. The security and traction chains was broken, but not significant issues. Thanks!

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Francesco Moser (F. Moser) nn

stolen bike

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Muddy Fox Divine 300 & Anarchy 200

Between 6-May-2021 and 16-May-2021, ,

The security guard has recovered our bikes although they are found damaged

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