Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Norco Performance Bikes Search Cyclocross / Road Bike

11/11/2017, ,

Police found the bike in the home of a drug dealer!

Reward Offered, 126

Carrera bicycles Carrera Crossfire 2 Womens Hybrid Bike

28/10/2017, ,

Recovered by the Police Scotland SART.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 225

Challenge Beacon

Police officer called to tell that they've got the bike at the police station and to come and collect it!

Reward Offered, 221

Boardman Bikes Boardman comp

Found the bike on a Facebook market place. Contacted seller to "buy" the bike, for £200 !! We then went to view it. Checked frame number and told the seller it is our bike that was stolen the day before and showed them our receipt etc. They were very...

Framenumber Supplied 268

Specialized p2

6/11/17, ,

found at a local bike repair place

Reward Offered, 222

Specialized Diverge

31/10/2017 @12:00, ,

Checked the Find that bike section pretty much every day. Bike had been sold to a cash converters who put it up for sale, I was round the same day, Police attended in the evening and handed me the bike back.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 353

Specialized Rockhopper

21.10.17, ,

I was driving near are local park and spotted a man riding my sons bike I pulled over and said where did u get the bike did u steal it he replied I bought it from the car boot. I explained it was my sons and he agreed to hand it back and apologised I...

Reward Offered, 315

Pinnacle Lithium 2

Wednesday 18th - Friday 20th , ,

A kind citizen handed in the bikes to the police, it was found with another bike in Drylaw. Police called with the news today.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 365

Orange Alpine 160 RS

Friday 20th October 00:00 - 7am, ,

Police recovered the bike this morning. The bike was chained to my other cheaper bikes and a good citizen alerted the police to the presence of suspicious activity. They had the info and were able to check it out and report back. Thanks to the police...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 253

GT Bicycles Aggressor xc.2

I came across it on fb for sale bloke who was selling it bought it from someone who lived in my street. Bless him thought he would be in trouble with the police as he was in possession we are still in contact now and delivering the bike to my address...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 216