Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Longcliffe Forme pro 3.0

Between 5pm 12/04 and 2pm 13/04, ,

Someone had taken it to their house to keep it safe. They contacted the police but no link has been made between my report and theirs. A friend of mine asked the road workers and they knew about the bike.

Rutland Classic Rutland Ladies’ Hybrid Bike

The local police were able to find it using 'Find That Bike' on this site and returned it to me. Thank you!

Boardman Bikes Team Pro 2009

2.30 am Friday morning. 6/10/17, ,

Informed the GM police that I had found my bike on Gumtree (via this site) and they did the rest. Credit to them as I was extremely sceptical

Specialized Crosstrail

Saturday 13th April, between 6pm and 7:30pm, ,

I found my bike listed on Shpock three days after it had been stolen. I made an offer to the seller and arranged a meeting with them. I contacted the police who attended the meeting in plain clothes. In less then ten minutes the person was arrested a...

Reward Offered, 107

Carrera bicycles Vengeance

12/04/2019, ,

With thanks to Facebook and my neighbour's bike has been returned home.

Framenumber Supplied 168

Mizani AR1 Womens Road Bike, 14 Speed

Friend found it!!

Reward Offered, 207

Romet Le Grand

My story is unbelievable! My bicycle was found by my partner :) once he saw the lady biking my stuff and he stopped her. My bike was her gift which she got from her partner. He bought my bike on the street market in the other town. Police did NOTHI...

Framenumber Supplied 187

B’twin (Decathlon) Triban 3

Fri/Sat 29/20th September 2017, ,

Found a week after it was stolen dumped in local park

Framenumber Supplied 410

Dawes Cycles Hybrid

Today , ,

was spotted with a homeless person who bought it off someone in castle park. returned

Reward Offered, 293

Carrera bicycles vulcan

Bike fund on town as same boys wont to sell ,.... one boy see is my bike and purchase from them for £20 and bring back to me . No thief names so we cant fund who there are but we keep train as he also have as dirt bike !!!

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 152