Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Planet X London Road

14.00 14/11/18, ,

Found on gumtree using findthatbike, went with several friends including an off duty police officer. Asked the guy if I could give it a look over, checked the frame number, once I had confirmed it was mine one friend dialled 999, and the off duty off...

Framenumber Supplied 173

Trek Fuel Ex Jr 2016

2018-11-04, Sunday around 4pm, ,

Bike has been recovered and is reunited with its rightful owner.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 213

Cannondale V 800sl

Thursday 1/11/18 at 4am, ,

Well all i can say is ask a local that rubs shoulders with the type of peaple that do this type of thing thats what i did letting them know its too hot to handle i was taken to my bike within 12hours what a result no names so no arrest but i got my b...

Reward Offered, 177

Raleigh Rush Hour 2016

Saturday 27th October, ,

The bike was found hidden behind a bush nearby.

Liv Avail

25th October 2018, ,

A neighbour spotted two bikes hidden deep in a bush nearby and shared the pics on social media. Thankfully mine was one of them - it still had the D-Locks on so may have been deemed too tricky by the thieves to bother. Who knows, but I’m very glad to...

Reward Offered, 142

Isla Cnoc14

20th Octiber 2018, ,

Not quite sure what happened really! The bike turned up in our front garden along with an apologetic note - we think a local shopkeeper who had been helping us find the suspect on his CCTV might have guilt tripped them in to returning it. Anyway, it'...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 129

Trek Superfly 7 2016

22-Oct-2018, ,

I randomly found the guy with my bike!!! it was two days after the event, and happened in a very crowded area of the same city, Oxford. I confronted the guy, kept my hand on the handle bar and told him that it was my bike. He said that he bought it...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 514

Lyra Land Rover

16th October 2018, ,

I found my stolen bike locked to a stand, same place as where I left it. Was waiting for couple of hours for the owner to come back. Nobody came so made the tires flat, took the front wheel and left a note there with phone number and explanation. Nex...

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Pinnacle Stratus 1.0

Between 22:30 15/10/2018 and 07:00 16/10/2018, ,

Simply lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Had been sold/swapped on the day after it was stolen. Police attended and bike returned.

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decathlon rockrider 5xc

late hours of sunday 07/10/18 or early hours of monday 08/10/18, ,

police recovered bike as it was abandoned in an estate up the road from where it was stolen.