Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

GT Bicycles VERB

Sunday 09th Sept 2018, ,

After daily checking this app i was sure it hadnt been sold on line. 6 months later it appeared. I made an appointment to view it and asked police to attend with me to recover it, unfortunately they id not have enough manpower to recover it but then ...

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Norco Bicycles Norco Search A Claris 2018 Adventure Road Bike

27/08/2018 11am to 1pm, ,

Found it at a second hand shop

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Adventure Stratos

Between 8pm Friday 13th and 3pm on Saturday 14th, ,

The police recovered my bike when arresting someone for burglary. Its missing it front wheel and many other accessories but glad I got it back all the same.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 67

Genesis Croix de Fer 10

5th September 2018, ,

Police found it

Carrera bicycles Crossfire 1

Monday 10th February 2020 between 9.45am-6.30pm, ,

I posted in my local Facebook group. Someone had seen a post in another group by a man who had found my bike dumped outside his house. She put us in contact and he dropped the bike off for me. Hero!

Specialized Allez

Sunday 03/02/2019, ,

I found my bike on Facebook Marketplace. It’s a distinctive bike, and still had the race number sticker on it, from the last race I did, so I informed the police. I was told that they didn’t have staffing to do anything, but if I was able to recover ...

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Carrera bicycles Crixus

05/03/2020 (Early Morning, Thursday 5th of March 2020), ,

Recovered from Splott Market. Person riding the bike claimed to have found it -no evidence, no charges. Be persistent. I was advised when searching on Gumtree to widen the search radius to 75miles+ as bikes are often shipped out of town to sell.

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Abingdon Tricycle

1st Feb 2020, ,

A passerby found the bike.

Pinnacle Lithium 3 2017

5th March 2019, ,

Through the email alerts I spotted my bike being sold on eBay through a pawn shop!!! It’s taken nearly 2 months for the police to sort it.. but I wasn’t giving up! Thank you!

Charge Plug 2 (2014)

7.30pm to 11.00pm on Sunday 7th September 2015, ,

Found it locked up in town, police helped me get it back - they cut the lock for me

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