Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back


28 JULY 2020 AT 10PM, ,

Registered it as stolen on all sites, posting in maaany FB groups (cycling/selling/residential neighbourhood groups in the theft area), put up posters even. Monitored all online selling sites and it showed up on Shpock a week later, still in London a...

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Carrera bicycles Virtuoso 2020 Women's Road Bike

Around midnight on 26th July 2020, ,

The person selling my bike on gumtree had bought it off the people (presumingly) who stole the bike originally. I was able to recover it once I gave him the serial number to prove it was mine. The police were absolutely no help.

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Aphelion 1962

02 july, ,

Found 2 streets away chained on sidewalk. Called police that I found it. They told me that they can't help me to cut the chain but if I can cut it - do it. So I did. Bike is damaged and scratched and over all sad looking I will give it good shower, o...

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Merida Bikes Matts

Relentless searching between sites. After four days the bike was put onto Facebook Marketplace under a different name. Police recovered it. Note: be aware that the person who has your bike may not be the one that stole it - there are a lot of people...

Reward Offered, 313

Voodoo Voodoo mountain bike

Wednesday after 6pm, ,

I contacted the guys who had my bike who stole it i pretended to buy it for £80 I made sure it was mine then I cycled of


24th July 2020 at 14:00hrs, ,

I managed to recover the bike a week after it was stolen. Sold to a local lad who's girlfriend recognised it as being stolen from all the social media posts.

Reward Offered, 201

Brompton Bicycle M3L

16.4.20, ,

returned by a member of the public not aware this was a Brompton bike hire bike

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Kona Lava Dome

16 July 2020, ,

Reported to the police who were not much help - did not visit or get back in touch as had said they would. Found by villager after daughter posted stolen bike notices around the village. It had been thrown over a wall close to where it was stolen fro...

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Specialized Hardrock

15 July 2020, ,

a neighbor found it hidden behind bushes nearby

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last night, ,

In a sting operation with the police

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