Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Specialized Riprock

2nd May 2019, 3pm, ,

I shared daily on social media on various local buy and sell pages. A local policewoman was on the beat in a nearby town and recognised the bike a youth was riding. She confronted him and he shot off so she suspected it was ours and was able to recov...

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Pearson Stiffen The Sinews

29/07/2018, ,

Recovered after someone purchased it and recognised it was stolen after the fact via this website

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Cube SL Road Pro

April 30, between 12:50 and 16:00, ,

Found my bike on gumtree. Arranged a meeting with the 'seller' and got the police to accompany me (this was the hardest part to organise). They arrested him and found three more stolen bikes in his apartment.

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Elswick Torino

29th July 2019, ,

A kind person found the bike on her dog walk and posted about it on a local community facebook group. Yay

Tank Easton Elite

26 April between 7:30 and 8:00 pm, ,

We found the bike locked to a rail in town. Police were notified who verified it was stolen from us and returned the bike to us.

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Ridley Liz A20

24/07/2019, ,

So I'm quite lucky as my bike isn't a super common brand so I'd set up an alert on here and only about 1 or 2 a day we're coming through so this morning I saw a Ridley Liz had been put on gumtree without a photo being sold for waaaay less than it's w...

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Haibike Greed team

9th June 2019, ,

Call from a private number. Police Scotland London Road. Showed proof that it's my bike. I was lucky

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S&M Tallboy

Friday Evening 12/01/2018 , ,

My friends father who has been into bmx for a long time noticed the bike for sale in dewsbury, I think he saw it advertised in person but I will check if he found it via ebay or some other means. All I know is he saw it, recognised it and bought it f...

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Carrera bicycles Valour

02/07/2019, ,

Saw the guy. Called the police, he was caught

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Kawasaki Z300 ABS

22/07/2018, ,

Police found the bike. No finger prints could be recovered.

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