Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Wike Premium Trailer

03/10/2019, ,

Police found the abandoned trailer. They recognized it from CCTV footage. Thief was not captured.

Voodoo hoodoo

25/03/2018, ,

Found bike chained up to a lamppost outside pub, had documents in car checked it called police and they called a locksmith, never found the person who nicked it up got it back

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 663

Cyclotricity Rvolver

17/3/18, ,

Bike was recovered in nearest tennis club 12 month ago.

Framenumber Supplied 490

Specialized S Works

26th September, ,

Reported it to the police within hours of it being stolen. Sent them a photo too. An officer spotted somebody with the bike whilst on a routine patrol and recovered it. The photo was key to getting it back.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 318

Emmelle Alpine

Thursday, ,

It was found dumped in a Bush

Heinzmann PAN eTR-U

Between 14 and 24 September, ,

Bike was sold to an elderly man whose son-in-law searched and found it on Stolen Bikes UK. It was returned, but had been so badly vandalised it is beyond repair. Thief remains at large.

Reward Offered, 132

Cannondale SuperSix Compact

17/18 March, ,

The police found it while searching the house of a suspected burglar. They contacted me once it had been recovered. Delighted!

Reward Offered, 538

Specialized Crossroads

Overnight between 22 sept and 23 sept, ,

I spotted it in the street, called the police at 101, and thanks to my crime report, the pic and this ad I was able to prove it was mine. They got someone to cut the lock that the thief had used, and voilà! The brakes are damaged, so is the pannier ...

Reward Offered, 82

Carrera bicycles Vanquish

Bike stolen Friday late PM, marked as stolen on BikeRegistry and stolen-bikes asap, BikeRegistry called me up next Wednesday AM saying someone had found the bike and put me in touch!

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 332

Specialized Secteur triple 2014

18/09/2019, ,

Caught a lad late teens riding bike in fallowfield, Lloyd Street, took it of him. Overjoyed.

Framenumber Supplied 79