Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

SCOTT Aspect 970

Bike was up for sale on a selling page on facebook by somebody who already bought it of the thief.... the wheels that was on the bike av been changed to different bigger ones by either the thief or the lad who bought it of them

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Planet X XLS

Bike was stolen at 2:33pm on Monday 19/08/2019, ,

The bike was listed on eBay 5 weeks later and the notification came through from this site that morning. Luckily it was a business seller and it was very easy to lock the bike down until the police were able to seize it.

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Apollo phaze

found wrecked

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28 May 2019, ,

I filed a police report and they found my bike! I sincerely have zero idea how they did that, nor what happened to the thief, but in case you are wondering if it's worth reporting, do it! In the worst case, you'll block the thieves from being able to...

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Specialized 2008 Tricross Comp

Monday 5th March 2018 16:00 ish, ,

Police Scotland recovered the bike, it was found by one of the officers in Hollyrood park, Edinburgh, about 7 miles from where it was stolen. The officer found it by chance, and recognised the bike from the detailed description! My sincerest thanks

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Belgravia Viking

13th September 2019, ,

I posted on the local but swap sell and a lady directed me to exactly where it was

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BMC AC02 Alivio 17

6th of March, ,

I found it on Gum tree. I contacted the seller. I tried to get police involved but they couldn't free any officers (on 2 occasions) . I decided to show him the receipt, told him I would give his details to the police in case he didn't return my bike ...

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Boardman Bikes Comp

12th September 2019, ,

I was in oxford the next day and saw a young lad with my bike. I challenged him and he said he bought for cash at pub previous day. I advised it was mine and I would call police so he left the bike and walked off

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Norco Bicycles Norco Search A Claris 2018 Adventure Road Bike

27/08/2018 11am to 1pm, ,

Found it at a second hand shop

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BTwin Triban SE 500

4th-5th March, ,

I found the culprits riding it!

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