Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Planet X Planet X Pro Carbon Shimano Sora R3000 Road Bike

19/08/2020, ,

I identified the unique traits of the bike people might use when trying to sell the bike. Make, Frame size, colour etc. And searched your standard websites for moving stolen goods. Ebay / Craig List / Gumtree and Facebook Market. I then set it up so ...

Boardman Bikes Mth 8.9

27/06/20, ,

Police officer Christian works in Stoke Newington police station discovered my bike and recovered to me. Thanks to him.

Reward Offered, 237

Merida Bikes Ride Juliet 400

18/08/2020, ,

We found it on Facebook market place an went to recover as w had proof it was ours and had been stolen

Framenumber Supplied 589

Ambrosio Solaro

13/08/2020 early morning , ,

Complete fluke luck I saw the bike chained up on a railing in my city that it was stolen from. It had the same bike lock that was broken into fakery wrapped around it. Never found the culprit, so lucky for them I guess, I might have broken their n...

Reward Offered, 591

Raleigh Array E Lowstep 20

During the night of 09/08/2020 , ,

Thankfully a member of the public noticed the bike abandoned behind some dumpsters and matched it with the posts I had made on social media.

Framenumber Supplied 319


28 JULY 2020 AT 10PM, ,

Registered it as stolen on all sites, posting in maaany FB groups (cycling/selling/residential neighbourhood groups in the theft area), put up posters even. Monitored all online selling sites and it showed up on Shpock a week later, still in London a...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 639

Carrera bicycles Virtuoso 2020 Women's Road Bike

Around midnight on 26th July 2020, ,

The person selling my bike on gumtree had bought it off the people (presumingly) who stole the bike originally. I was able to recover it once I gave him the serial number to prove it was mine. The police were absolutely no help.

Framenumber Supplied 391

Aphelion 1962

02 july, ,

Found 2 streets away chained on sidewalk. Called police that I found it. They told me that they can't help me to cut the chain but if I can cut it - do it. So I did. Bike is damaged and scratched and over all sad looking I will give it good shower, o...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 718

Merida Bikes Matts

Relentless searching between sites. After four days the bike was put onto Facebook Marketplace under a different name. Police recovered it. Note: be aware that the person who has your bike may not be the one that stole it - there are a lot of people...

Reward Offered, 551

Voodoo Voodoo mountain bike

Wednesday after 6pm, ,

I contacted the guys who had my bike who stole it i pretended to buy it for £80 I made sure it was mine then I cycled of