Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Pivot Mach 4

23rd august9, ,

A bloke brought it in burnham on sea. Got suspicious and looked the bike up. He found it on this site and contacted me and the police. He took photos of the seller and he was arrested by the police but there was not enough evidence to prosecute. Thi...

Reward Offered, 275

Voodoo Djab

7th August 2017, ,

I did eventually get my bike back a couple of weeks ago. A member of the public bought it at Cash Generators, then saw this ad and got in touch. Got the police involved, and the PTSO assigned to it was great, oversaw the return of the bike to Cash Ge...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 183

Kross Hexagon R6

20.8.2017, 13:48, ,

After 2 months someone posted ad on gumtree website selling this bike in Liverpool (stolen in Warrington). We contacted the seller, agreed to see the bike. We went there and got the bike back. We contacted the police as well, but they were not he...

Framenumber Supplied 225

Gary Fisher Tassajara

09/07/2017, ,

Bike was found by a resident in a park hidden behind some bushes. Front tyre slashed and wheel buckled, but bike is back. The police have shown very little interest in finding the bike or pursing the individual responsible despite having the na...

Reward Offered, 269

Carrera bicycles Virtusoso

between 11-15 and 1200 on 16/8/2016, ,

I kept an eye out for the bike and one day walking past Caluchios (spelling?) in Cambridge, I saw it and knew it was mine. The long valve stem on the rear wheel; the six-shooter handlebars and the fittings for bottle and pump. I called the police and...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 591

Specialized Vita

15/8/17, ,

Alerted via Gumtree to bike being sold near to where stolen. Seller had registered frame (which we hadn't done) so almost didn't recover it but we had clear date stamped photos of the bike before it was stolen and it had very distinctive scratches a...

Reward Offered, 126

Veloretti Caféracer

16/08/17, ,

I got my bike back!! Social media coverage - someone facebooked me saying he's seen some kids with it at Tescos so i drove there and got it back!!!!!!

Reward Offered, 236

Specialized Secteur

Between Friday 7th and Sunday 9th July, ,

Someone got in touch with me through this website. He searched the frame number.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 347

Voodoo Wazoo

11/12 August 2016, ,

The thief took the bike to Bloxwich cash converters on the high street. The police were informed by the shop and they then told us. We collected the bike 5 months after it was stolen.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 1,200

Ridgeback Meteor

saturday 6 August, ,

Someone handed it into the police station

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