Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

BMX 528317 Xrated Dekka 2013

Between Thursday 21.02 - 25.02.19, ,

Neighbours boy was riding the bike but the saddle was lowered. My son spotted him riding his bike and stopped him. Child said someone left the bike in his garden and it has been there for a week!

Cube Aim Pro 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike 101300 2018

Norwich City Council's Abate team and the police recovered the bike, matched the serial number and have returned it to my son.

Framenumber Supplied 57

Honda MSX 125-G

Wed 20 Feb 2019, ,

Police caught the thief riding it.

Framenumber Supplied 126

Dawes Cycles Duchess

I rang around local pawn/cash shops with a description of my bike within a 30 mile radius. I posted on public forums via social media and contact the 101 number to report my bike had been stolen. My bike was found by a caretaker at a local school and...

Reward Offered, 230

Specialized Allez Sport

W/end 16th Feb, ,

• Leaving my apartment on Sunday morning, I was angry and disappointed to find that my bike had been stolen overnight, despite being locked to the bike rack out front with a Kryptonite lock and cable. Through some online sleuthing, on Wednesday after...

Reward Offered, 138

Voodoo Bizango

01 Feb 2019, ,

Duplicated bike. My son already registered on site. Not recovered yet

Reward Offered, 131

Voodoo Bantu

20th December 2018, ,

I found the bike on Gumtree for the forth time since it was stolen. This time the guy selling it was unaware it was stolen, When I contacted him and asked for the frame number he was very helpful. Even when I said it was a stolen bike. We both ag...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 230

Voodoo Bakka

Approx 28th Jan (up to 1-2 week before), ,

Found under a bridge 3 miles away by some lovely passers by who took it in and asked on Facebook

Reward Offered, 170

Real Unknown

25 January 2019, ,

Two kind homeless gentlemen found it and kept it for me overnight!

Reward Offered, 178

Blackfoot MountainBike WOLF

24.01.2019, ,

Jose David recovered my bike. He told me he bought the bike on Facebook and checked later on if it was stolen, found it here and contacted me. One break is not working now, the handles got changed to the wrong way round and the holders for my ligh...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 320