Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Cannondale Quick 4

01/12/17 - 03/12/17, ,

Reported it stolen to the police. Few days later, saw a lad riding it near where it was stolen, and ‘advised’ him that it would be in his interests to return it to its rightful owner (there’s a good chap). Turns out you could be persuaded after all c...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 391

Giant Peloton 7000

Sunday 10th June , ,

I found my bike online via Facebook buy and sell. I went and bought my bike back and ask the salesman how he got the bike. Strangely enough despite I had reported my bike missing to the police the salesman said he had bought the bike from a poli...

Framenumber Supplied 522

Pure Fix India 64 cm

Not recovered, but the courts have ordered the thief to pay £500... once he turns 18... in 2020. Better than nothing.

Saracen Cycles Hack 01

6-june-2018, ,

I put an alert on eBay and it came up 2 days after it was stolen. Then I arranged to go and see my bike many miles from where it was stolen - the other side of London. Having confirmed this I then informed the police who after a great deal of badger...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 327

Specialized pitch 650b 2018

6.6. 19, ,


Framenumber Supplied 123

Specialized Allez

Sunday 03/02/2019, ,

I found my bike on Facebook Marketplace. It’s a distinctive bike, and still had the race number sticker on it, from the last race I did, so I informed the police. I was told that they didn’t have staffing to do anything, but if I was able to recover ...

Framenumber Supplied 162

Yamaha Fzs 600cc fazer

Police call said they found ot then was so damaged I had to scrap it

Giant Liv Avail 2 2016

07/06/2019 at about midnight, ,

I used find that bike with a search on Giant. Another man registered with the service recognised my bike in a haul recovered from a theft whilst pursuing his own stolen bike. I had also put posts on community groups on facebook which is how the polic...

Reward Offered, 203

Brompton Bicycle M6LRL-RL

27th Nov - before 6am, ,

I checked a web cam and spotted the guy that had stolen it as I recognised the guy from around the area. I had told the Police, even showed the photos and video footage, and they did nothing. I spotted the guy in Fulham and confronted him and a...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 503


June 3 2018, ,

Thanks to the site, somebody contacted me telling he had bought my bike and was also suspicious about the seller. The bike Is not expensive but it had a sentimental value to me because it was brought up to uk from Asia and I had cycled amazing place...

Reward Offered, 494