Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Genesis Equilibrium 20

9th October 2017, ,

A member of the public found the frame of my bike in an alleyway and thought it looked suspicious so looked it up on Stolen Bikes and hey presto, returned to me! Although it’s not the complete bike it’s the part with the most character and I can now ...

Reward Offered, 578

Kona Shred

02/10/17, ,

After contacting police, numerous social media posts and listing with you, I walked all the paths around my house and eventually found it tossed and hidden in a ditch.

Reward Offered, 289

Merida Bikes Speeder 300

2017-09-30 18:30-19:30, ,

I saw someone riding it through town and gave chase. When I caught up with them I was able to call the police and with the Frame No and Crime Ref No. they were able to return it to me!

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 254

Carrera bicycles Abyss

Found someone riding it who said they had found it, they handed it back. I reported it straight to the police (who didn't seem to bothered) slight damaged to bike and different seat put on bike

Framenumber Supplied 251

Orange Five pro

26/9/17, ,

Police noticed the distinctive bike laying outside a known criminals house and uplifted it

Reward Offered, 366

Paul Milnes Road Bike

17th of September 2017, ,

Found it, not locked up whilst I was walking to the gym!

Reward Offered, 293

Diamondback Descent

Blues and twos used as well as this site. Spread the word around the neighbourhood of known bike thieves. In the end the bike was found next morning dumped in a bush about a mile away.

Reward Offered, 286


13/9/2017, ,

It was left outside our back gate.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 447

Cannondale 2013 Trigger 2

4 p.m. 11/09/2017, ,

Recovered from local CASHgenerator store with the help of the West Midlands Police - Big Thanks! Turned out to be opportunistic theft. Advice: Act fast! Always worth checking all local cash-converters and online auctions straight away! General advice...

Saracen Cycles Kili Flyer 121

1/9/2017 between 6:30pm - 9-30pm, ,

Someone bought it off street for £300 and their brother told them it must be stolen so they googled it and found my ad. Had already given up hope and written it off so can't believe it's tirned up so happy!

Reward Offered, 295