Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back


June 3 2018, ,

Thanks to the site, somebody contacted me telling he had bought my bike and was also suspicious about the seller. The bike Is not expensive but it had a sentimental value to me because it was brought up to uk from Asia and I had cycled amazing place...

Reward Offered, 687

Carrera Vulcan

Monday 9th December 2019 between 12 and 2pm, ,

Found on a park.

Reward Offered, 276

Unknown Raleigh

16.00 on the 5th of dec - 8.00am on the 6th dec, ,

My bike was found on a pile of bikes in the bike shed where it was originally stolen. It was found 2 weeks after it was stolen. I am yet to get to the bottom of what has happened but there was cctv available. My advice to anyone who’s bike has been...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 206

Planet X SL Pro

11/9/19 between 1530 and 1630, ,

found it on gumtree, contacted police who said they cant do anything. went to go collect it myself

Reward Offered, 127

vitus vee1

I spotted the bike locally and took it off the lad about 20 years old.he was not the thief as I saw a lad about 13 years old steal it. l I let the police know and now happy new exspensive ulock now lives with the bike thanks

Reward Offered, 384

Trek FX3

1pm today , ,

Nothing happened to the thief. A cash convertor shop checked your database prior to accepting my bike in their shop and the thief ran off as soon as they announced it was reported stolen. Thank you for an amazing database!

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 338

Kona Fire Mountain

4am 28th May 2018, ,

I found it for sale on Facebook Marketplace and had to REALLY press the police to recover it. After several times of them saying they wouldn't, they finally did get it back for me.

Kona Fire mountain

9.30 am nov 26th, ,

I saw the cunt riding past me so I drove after him, confronted him and took the bike back. The little shit said he,d bought it in a pub.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 380

Yamaha mt-07

5/5/2018, ,

Has been found abandoned on the street

Genesis Tour de Fer

25.10.2018, ,

I set up eBay alerts for the make and style. I eventually saw it although the racks, and many nice fittings had been removed. But I recognized the pedals I had put on. I asked the seller if it had any frame numbers under the bottom bracket to conf...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 322