Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Cross CRX500 700c Hybrid Bike

08/08/2018 11am, ,

On that day when the bike was stolen I saw a guy who ride on my bike. I'm not a "fighter" but I took it back. The bike has a damaged transmission/drivetrain system and a lot of scratches (it was one week old that time).

Trek DS2

07/08/2018, ,

Reported chasis number to police, they recovered the bike when involved in another crime (was used as 'get-away vehicle').

Reward Offered, 728

Trek Domane S

11th January 2020, ,

I was very lucky - Police picked up the thief because he was a wanted burglar and just happened to be riding my bike! This was only a few hours after he stole it. Police were able to return the bike to me within a week - having it already registered ...

Framenumber Supplied 115

Carrera Crossfire 2

07.02.2019, ,

My bike was dumped by a nunnery...i found it through posting on a local community board.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 421

Pearson Stiffen The Sinews

29/07/2018, ,

Recovered after someone purchased it and recognised it was stolen after the fact via this website

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 692

Triumph vintage

5 February 2020, ,

Bike recovered 4 days later 1km away from the original place. So probably the thief traveled from Bayswater to get his last train.... at least they parked it near Paddington station. Bike was spotted by an acquaintance passing by.

Giant Defy 2 aluxx

Between 1pm -1.30pm 8th Feb 2020, ,

Hi I recovered my bike by visiting the following (41 giles road, littlemore, oxford) guy claims to have had the bike delivered... claims to know no...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 311

Trek 3 Series 3700 (21 Inch)

08/01/20 at 14:12, ,

Critical thing was very clear CCTV that allowed the police to id the person who stole it. Ended up with £150 worth of damage, but now fixed and back on the road!

Cyclotricity Rvolver

17/3/18, ,

Bike was recovered in nearest tennis club 12 month ago.

Framenumber Supplied 562

GT Bicycles Avanlanche

26 July 2018, ,

Gumtree person who bought my bike (from a park near me) saw my advert and was honest about returning it

Framenumber Supplied 338