Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Trek Xcaliber 7

1st May 2017, ,

I was shopping in the town center when I spotted it on the high street. Phoned the police, they took a long time to get there.. I got tired of waiting for them, bought 2 locks from a shop!! Doubled locked it over his locks so he had to wait for...

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Specialized Ariel D

Possibly 8th May, ,

The police unexpectedly called me one day a few months after the bike had been stolen to tell me they've found it. Right after it had been stolen I had reported it and it has turned out as being useful. It was found abandoned and slightly mutilat...

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Raleigh Flyer

08/05/17, ,

I put up posters all around my area with the photo of the bike, a mini description and my contact details although i was deeply discouraged not to. I received zero prank calls. To the contrary, i got informed that the bike was spotted by an individua...

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Cinelli Experience Tiagra

I recovered the bike. I would suggest keeping a keen eye on sites like eBay and Gumtree. I saw my bike being sold one week after it was stolen for about a quarter of its value. I contacted the police and its's worth keeping things like your frame n...

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Specialized Vita Elite

8/04/2017 at 15:02, ,

The police recovered my bike . By chance they stopped a van for other reasons and my bike happened to be in the van . I feel I was very lucky to get it back .

Voodoo Limba

I recovered this last night, I seen it on gumtree a week after it was stolen, I rang the police with my crime number and told them I had arranged to meet the guy he wouldnt give me his address and said a location next to a public house, I told the po...

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BSA Metro

4th May 2017, ,

Bike was seen by passer by outside a shop and was reported to owner.

Specialized rockhopper comp 29

between 19th of Jan and 2 of Feb 2017, ,

The police found it in the garden of a house

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Islabike Beinn 29

30/4/2016 between 9 and 10am, ,

This is my wife's bike. She spotted someone riding it and chased him and forced him to stop. He claimed to have bought it from someone in the park in Leighton Buzzard for £20. The rack (which is custom to fit that bike) had been removed. The genius h...

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Harlem Supreme

Thursday evening 28 April 2016 at about 20.00. Garage alarm went off at that time., ,

My bike was found by a local cowman this week in a ditch that the cattle used to get to a watering hole; it had dried out revealing the bike.

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