Carrera bicycles Crossfire 2

, 17th March 2023 at around 5:10pm
  • Colour

    Black and green

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    17th March 2023 at around 5:10pm

  • Crime Reference Number


Bike Description

Black bike with green triangles on top tube. Small scratches on top tube near the seat from chain bike lock being wrapped around it. Scratches on the frame near the rear wheel from putting it in bike racks. Slightly rusted pedals. Scratches on the gear Indicator from turning upside down for repairs. Had mudguards on before it was stolen however easy to remove. The tires were slightly dry rotted but again can be easily replaced. Brakes worn with rear brake barely working. It had a bell on the left handle bar that had also been scratched up and also never really worked. Bike looks very similar to the website one attached however still had the front and rear reflectors on the bike

Theft Description

<strong>stolen from Loughborough University from the Falkner Egginton halls of residence from the bike rack located outside flat E30. Two kids around college age wearing black stole the bike. The bike was stolen at around 5:10pm on the 17th March 2023. The thieves cycled off with the bike onto Forest road just outside Loughborough University. The theft was not captured on CCTV but was witnessed by 2 Uni students </strong>

Recovery Description

Looked daily on Facebook marketplace. Found one identical to my one. Messaged the seller to meet up. Let and behold, group of 4 kids about the age of the kids who stole it originally rock up. Ask for a test ride then make off. Followed me until I got onto campus. I could tell it was my bike from all the scratches and rust but to confirm found the frame number and check it to the one I wrote down, the same. Very happy. I told the police when it was stolen, when I found the ad but not much they could do without the frame number again the time. They said they would assist me seeing the bike but guess they were busy at the time.