Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Carrera bicycles Crossfire 3

5th August ‘19, ,

Recovered but frame is a mess as they had tried to make it unrecognisable

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Planet X Carbon Pro

2 March 2018 - Lower Sloane Street, ,

Essentially I won the bid on the 'bay...and arranged to meet the seller. I kept the seller hooked as I said I was bringing cash along, and if that was OK for him ? of course it was ! I informed the police of my intentions, they tried to talk me out ...

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Trek Domane 4.0

Between 11pm on the 7th of September 2019 and 8am on the 8th of September , ,

Posted about the theft on a local community group chat and someone commented that it had been dumped in the local park. Oil fingerprints left on the bike so contacting the police to see if anything can be done to find thieves & other bikes

Haibike Greed team

9th June 2019, ,

Call from a private number. Police Scotland London Road. Showed proof that it's my bike. I was lucky

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Bianchi Sempre pro

24 February 2018. Between 16.50 and 17.35, ,

Reported serial number and description to the coppers. They turned up with it 2 months after theft. It was trying to be sold at a cash for stuff shop. The owner phoned it in. I never heard from the coppers again even though they traced the seller. As...

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Trek Remedy 9

05, Sep, 2019, ,

Someone bought my bike from a homeless man for 450 pounds then his friend found my facebook advert which said my bike was robbed so I was informed. Then we arranged a time to meet, I gave him the money and get the bike back. Moreover, they will be my...

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Whyte 805

05/09/2019 between 9am and 3.30pm, ,

Having reported the theft to the police, they were able to use CC TV footage from the school to find out the direction that the thieves took. The bike was recovered 24 hours later, abandoned within 2 miles of the school with a flat tyre, but no othe...

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Eazi-rider Electric mountain bike

5/09/2019, ,

I found someone selling in on gumtree about 4 hours after it was stolen, I immediately contacted 101 and updated my report and then the next day, I arranged a meeting with the 2 sellers and then got the police with me and chased them down. So far one...

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GT Bicycles Avanlanche

26 July 2018, ,

It was bought by someone in a park close to me, he noticed my Guntree stolen advert and got in touch.

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30th August 2019, ,

Shared on local facebook groups... Was found abandoned at a local fishery