Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Vertigo Mont Blanc

8 hours after bike was stolen I was contacted by the owner and able to return it. Great site!

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 72

Jamaican Racer

26th of June , ,

My roomate found the guy who stole it riding around an collected it! Iiterally across the road from my house!

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 105

Boardman Bike, women, BBL HYB COMP,white and blue

Thursday 19th of June , ,

Found a guy cycling with my bike,I ran after him told him it is my bike, he refused initially but after showing him the proof he asked me to pay £50 what he paid for the bike. Paid and got the bike .

Framenumber Supplied 296

SCOTT Speedster cx20 disc

30/06/2020 - 01/07/2020, ,

Facebook groups and posts led to information, recovery and an arrest

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 81

Raleigh Pioneer crossbar

27/06/2020, ,

Someone contacted me on Facebook after I had posted photos and details of the bike. It was sold to them for a very small price and they looked for stolen bikes locally, found my post and contacted me so I could collect it.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 121

Carrera bicycles Hellcat

Outside News line, wellington, telford, ,

We shared a photo on Facebook, made public, shared over 200 times. Anonymous message locating exactly where it was, shared with police. Police advised us to go and retreive it ourselves which we did.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 113

Boardman Bikes Hybrid F sport

25th June 2020, ,

Got dash cam footage of the suspect car, cleared up the image and ran the plate which matched the car. Sent the plate to the police they went round to his house and he had a garden full of stolen items. The bike ended up all the way in Glasgow

Reward Offered, 120

Viva Urban deluxe

24 6 2020 , ,

It was found by a neighbour hidden in a local park.

Reward Offered, 94

Santa Cruz Super light Pro

22/06/20, ,

A very generous couple in Eastville spotted the bike and in realising it was unique searched the site and contacted me. I am so happy and relieved to see the kind nature of others - thank you both so much!!

Reward Offered, 389

Cinelli Tutto

Saturday 13th June PM, ,

Neighbour used this site to contact me. Thanks for making this site XXX