Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Dolan Df4

Wednesday 18 January , ,

Make your bike too hot to handle! Post on all the buy, sell, swap sites! Use schpock! Ring local pawnbrokers! Remember, your bike might be closer than you think! Our was!

Specialised Camber MTB

14th January 2017, ,

Avon and Somerset police have it. They won't release it until I provide a serial number but have provided a number of distinguishing features so hopefully a decision will be made to release it soon back to me. Long story but saw it twice on gumtree...

Reward Offered, 170

Norco Performance Bikes Norco storm 7.1 2916

Early hours of Sunday morning 5/2/17, ,

Received email through your site as bike was found on their property. Brilliant process, just got to find the other one now. Thank you for being there!

Framenumber Supplied 51

Mango Custom Single Speed

Between 10:00am and 13:00 on 26/03/2016., ,

Mates working in a bike shop saw it parked outside whilst the "owner" was browsing the shop. They took it into the workshop and checked the frame number - checked with this website and it matched. They then held on to it until I arrived to coll...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 520

Cube Peloton

Sunday 30th October 1:30am-8:00am, ,


Mafia Bike Kush 2

22nd/23rd January 2017, ,

Sharing the stolen bike link on FB with crime number made people realise we were serious about the bike. A number of people within the area said they knew who had taken it. The thief met my son with the bike in a carpark and demanded a reward...Cheek...

Marin Bikes Kentfield

Fri 16th Dec. 2016 between 11PM-1AM, ,

As the theft was local and opportunist I shared the description of the bike with as many friends as possible - and one spotted the bike being ridden along the road a week or so later. When confronted the young man ran off leaving the bike. A few bu...

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Giant VIA

was reported to me as been seen by using DN35 CRIMEWATCH facebook page with the help of Humberside police WE MANAGED TO IDENTIFY the bike

Carrera bicycles Subway One Men’s Hybrid bike 2015

The bike was stolen from my son's bike sheds at school but has now been returned

Reward Offered, 138

Author Inspire 29 2013

18.1.2017 9:55, ,

Police was most unhelpfull, they actually told me that the bike theft is so low priority for them that they do not car. Eventhough there was a ad on gumtree with photos and telephone number of the guy, they did not even want me to try to prove that ...