Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

SCOTT Scale 40 2011

9 Jul 2017, ,

Found very near to where stolen by kind gentleman who contacted the owner through this site.

Voodoo Bizango

15th of July at 8:30am, ,

The thief came back and was known around town. Made a deal to get it back and not prosecute. Just a kid and was very scared that I tracked him down. The world is going to hell, nobody is looking after these young adults that are troubled...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 134

peugeot continental

6th April 2017, ,

Friend spotted it locked up in Glasgow city centre. I contacted the police and we got it back. My friend had spotted my post on Facebook with picture and description.

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Kona Big Kahuna

Thurs/Friday 30/31 March, ,

It was found by the Police in Hull, who where investigating a lead on a another reported stolen bike, only to find my bike at the property.

Reward Offered, 193

Commencal Supreme 6

03/06/2017, ,

Found bike advertised on eBay using the update services for this site.

CRB Attack 24

29th June 2017, ,

The police were most helpful, but in the end it was but for the grace of God we found it. My son spotted someone riding it, while we were out driving, so we did a u-turn, followed him and asked about it. The man was very apologetic and embarrassed th...

Fausto Coppi Campionissimo

29/06/16, ,

Police recovered bike after it was posted for sale on gumtree. Gumtree were very helpful.

Trek Madone 5.1

26 June 2017, ,

Receive call from police - they have recovered bike 'in good condition'. It was in a flat which the police entered as part of another investigation. The bike looked to be out of place. They checked the stolen reports and found the matching frame numb...

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Carrera bicycles Valour

I shared the bike and frame number on social media. I stopped anyone I saw with the same bike and asked to check the frame number. A group of boys I stopped took a note of the frame number and located the bike tonight and took it back

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Specialized Ariel 2014

24/6/17, 17:30-19:00, ,

I kept looking around for my bike, even in houses' front yards, where in one of them found it eventually exactly two weeks later! The man who was using it now said he bought it for £20 "from a guy down at the park"... He just gave it back to me with ...

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