Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Freespirit Tread

Tuesday 14 February 2017, ,

My eldest son put the details on Facebook .one of his friends saw a similar bike for sale on a local items for sale site .we contacted the police imidiately supplying them with more pictures of the stolen bike, and the advertised bike. The police wen...

Marin Bikes Kentfield

Fri 16th Dec. 2016 between 11PM-1AM, ,

My stolen bike was seen by a friend being ridden close to where it was stolen from. When confronted, the rider ran off and the bike was recovered. Despite an accurate description of the rider, and his address the police have not proceeded as they s...

Framenumber Supplied 314

Aprilia Shiver 750 SL

22/08/16, ,

I reported it on your website, then apparently the local radio station put out an announcement. Next day I got a call from a local police officer who had found it. When I went to pick it up I met about 3 other blokes with bikes scattered around the a...

Reward Offered, 188

Wiggle Road Bike

Friday 10th February, ,

Police recovered

Diamondback Sync 2.0

We shared photo of our bike all over facebook. It had loads of shares. The thief advertised it for sale on bikes for sale on fb. We had messages telling us. A random man messaged to say he had been offered our bike bit he knew it was stolen and ours...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 626

Barracuda Ridgeback

Mon 5 December 2016 early hours, railing was cut., ,

Reported stolen to the police, and marked as stolen on the bike register. Think I was just lucky and my bike probably isn't worth much to who ever stole it, it had a bike register label, and was returned by the police still with D lock on, they had ...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 164

Surly long haul trucker

25/02/17, ,

I used the twitter handle @stolenbike London to report bike theft. A fellow twitterer saw the bike on ebay and contacted me. I then arranged to meet the seller at their preferred location and called 101 for backup. I explained I was going to meet the...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 194

Carrera bicycles Pava Mens Mountain Bike (Halfords

26/11/2016 7pm-11pm, ,

Dear Stolenbikesuk The Carerra Pava bicycle has not been recovered but the offender arrested and have been compensated fully on the price of this bike. Thanks for letting us use your platform. You can remove the item if you like or leave it up ...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 95

Dolan Df4

Wednesday 18 January , ,

Make your bike too hot to handle! Post on all the buy, sell, swap sites! Use schpock! Ring local pawnbrokers! Remember, your bike might be closer than you think! Our was!

Specialised Camber MTB

14th January 2017, ,

Avon and Somerset police have it. They won't release it until I provide a serial number but have provided a number of distinguishing features so hopefully a decision will be made to release it soon back to me. Long story but saw it twice on gumtree...

Reward Offered, 218