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With a bike being stolen every 67 seconds in the UK, it’s hardly surprising.

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Latest Stolen Bikes and Blog Posts

11,133 stolen bikes, 618 Recovery Stories, 50 blog posts

Carrera bicycles Crossfire 2 XL 21’15

30.08.2016 , ,

Brand new black bike with small green elements, it has a saddle cover, red ... View Details

Carrera bicycles Vengeance

Saturday 29th August 2015 , ,

20' silver frame carrera mountain bike, has a cube bottle holder attached t... View Details

Pinnacle Neon 3 2015 Women’s Hybrid Bike

27/06/2015 , ,

The name of the seller #thethief was Arron Summer. He tried selling it on ... View Details

Trek 7.3 fx alpha aluminium 22.5″ frame

Southampton train station , ,

Lime green bike, with black carbon forks, it has a front single single pin ... View Details

GT Bicycles Traffic 2.0

28/07/2016 , ,

Hybrid bike. Brand new. Stolen in East London between 22/07/16 and the 28/0... View Details

Orange alpine 160

31st July AM , ,

Stolen from Buttonbridge nr Bewdley bespoke spray job with Purple sparkl... View Details

Police forces fail to investigate up to 90% of bicycle thefts (Press Release)

May 22, 2013 , , ,

Figures released under Freedom of Information laws reveal scale of the prob... Read More

HONDA 125 PCX WW 125 EX2-F

25,08,2016 , ,

motorcycle had previously stolen and so are small signs, he is around the i... View Details

Carrera bicycles Kraken

Carrera Krakn is 3 years old, but in a mint condition. It has very big fram... View Details

Giant XTC Advanced

29th January 2015 , ,

Trawled the internet daily for these bikes, just the frame recovered via eB... View Details

Brompton Bicycle M3L

Between 14:00 and 17:30 on 29th July 2015 , ,

Normal M3L setup with luggage block at front. Missing reflector or light at... View Details

Cycles Uk Romford Merida Big Seven

30.08.2016 , ,

It looks like on the picture View Details

Recovering Your Stolen Bike

January 20, 2013 , ,

So if your reading this chances are you’re looking for a way to recover you... Read More

Jamis Nova Race 2015

Sat 31 Oct at 3.40pm , ,

Cyclocross with drop handlebars. 54cm frame. Silver with green writing. Bra... View Details

Charge Grater

Friday 29th April , ,

Hub gear , rack, bar ends, replaced grips ( picture is before new grips, mu... View Details

BTWIN Rockrider 520

29/08/2016 , ,

Black/Grey/Blue BTWIN Mountain bike with Grey writing and blue and grey pat... View Details

Carrera Vulcan 2015

05/09/2015 , ,

We found our bike on gumtree, and with the police we taken it back :) View Details

Cannondale quick speed 2 2016

Sloan square , ,

Brand new bike only had 4 weeks old, its an XL hybrid bike mens, bought in ... View Details

Whyte Ridgeback 2015

30/07/2016 , ,

Silver Matt Women's Hybrid bike (nearly new) Medium frame size View Details

GT Bicycles Backwoods

Between sat 27 and Tuesday 30 August 2016 , ,

Red and white GT BACKWOODS. not the original saddle, a more padded saddle. ... View Details

Pegasus SL Premio

ssdfsdfd , ,

Помогите вернуть друга! Вчера в 17:10 18.07.16 был украден велик Pegasus SL... View Details

Vertigo Piccadilly

During night of Monday 29/08/16 , ,

Good condition, pretty muddy but no real identifiable dents, the right hand... View Details

The Inseparability of Cycling & Parking

August 25, 2016 ,

Cycling has unmistakably taken off in the UK, fuelled by many catalysts. In... Read More

Giant Anthem, womens X W 2010, medium frame

29th August, 2016 at 15:20 pm , ,

Women's mountain bike, white saddle and white flat peddles. Excellent condi... View Details

Cube AMS 110 Pro

at night from 30-31 July 2016 , ,

Bike's in mint condition stolen from rear garden sheed Cube AMS 110 pro and... View Details

Carrera bicycles TANNERI Limited Edition Cyclocross Bike 2015

Night between 17th and 18th of July 2016 , ,

Black CARRERA Tanneri Limited Edition Cyclocross Bike 2015 Frame 54cm, 1... View Details

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to report my stolen bike?

We don’t charge anything to report your bike, not even for uploading as many images as you want.

How many images can I add?

As many as you like, pictures tell 1,000 words and they also help people compare your bike to one they’ve spotted.

Can I register tags from other services?

Absolutely! We’ve got no problem with you letting us know about immobilise, datatag or even bikeregister codes. Just include them in your bikes description.

I've found my stolen bike what do I do?

First of all get in contact with the police using 101 or 999 if it’s an emergency. If you find the police unhelpful or have further problems please get in touch.