Stolen Bikes in North West

Bikes reported as stolen from in and around North West

Juicy Roller

16 June 2022, ,

e-bike, distinctive frame shape, brown saddle and brown ergonomic handle grips. around 6k milage if battery has not died. Battery is key locked into bike but that may have been damaged if the thief has tried to remove it. Rear pannier frame broken of...

SCOTT Scott sportster p6 Hybrid bike bicycle

24/06/22, ,

navy and black. black seat black straight bar handles road bike black tyres

Reward Offered, 43

Pendleton Somersby Ladies large frame 28 inch wheels

3pm Saturday 18th June 2022, ,

The handle bares show extreme ware,  pale blue hand painted and varnished. Stolen from Sefton Park harris fencing bar .....steel chain lock around 3pm Saturday

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 31

Honda Cr250R

This classic, was restored to a very high standard with oem parts. It should stand out from the crowd. We are absolutely gutted that our bike was stolen from us. We are desperate to get it back. This bike took me & my wife 3 years to build & ...

Hanford Jelew

5th to the 11th of june 2022, ,

my bike has been stolen and i payed it with my work money btw im only 14. bike puple , big , had a scrach near the frunt and chain unclips

Reward Offered, 42

Hanford jelew

between sataday and sataday, ,

so my bike is puple and it starts with a J and it was stole in morecobe

Reward Offered, 36

Whistle Miwok

Last night 10:50pm 14/06/22, ,

Whistle miwok, orange and white, 26”wheels

Framenumber Supplied 34

Pinnacle Laterite

06/06/2022, ,

Brand new medium frame road bike

Framenumber Supplied 32

GT Bicycles Transeo elite 1.0

9th June 202w, ,

A gt transeo elite hybrid bike with new tyres , scratches crudely covered on the top of the frame. Front suspension.

Reward Offered, 28

Eff elcetric bike Unknown

10/06/2022, ,

It's a fat tire electric bike tires are panaracer brand new . There are 3 yellow cable ties holding the battery in place very distinctive won't work without them in place . Gold colored brake calipers brand new . Motor makes noise when pulling off . ...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 60

Haibike Allmtn 3

8 June 2022, ,

Bike was stolen from Knutsford Services on ten 8th June 2022. the bike has Death Grips, DMR pedals and a SDG seat. There are paint scrapes on right chain stay from using a mudhugger guard. the battery was fitted, but I have keys and charger, so if ...

Framenumber Supplied 76

Kona Kula

09.06.2022, ,

Straight handlebar, shimano disc brakes, oversized carbon front fork, mudguards attached with cable ties, luggage rack with black bag, continental Grand Prix 4000 tyres.

Framenumber Supplied 42