Stolen Bikes in West Midlands

Bikes reported as stolen from in and around West Midlands

Bottecchia Fx 107 hard trail mtb 27,5″ 48cm frame

14/09/2019 18:45, ,

3 year old, not in mint condition, can hear chain cranking, gears isn't shifting properly - front 3 works, back ones wont budge. Just changed front brakes, back ones not working properly just installed wireless speedometer so it is still seen on fron...

Brompton Bicycle M3

1st March 2018, ,

Brompton Bike Turkish Green 2018 edition 3 gears M type handlebars. Mudflaps. Excellent condition. Purchased Dec 2017.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 380

Carrera bicycles Vendetta

Monday 3rd september , ,

It has an 18inch frame it has two deep scratches on the right hand side of the front forks and has black electrical tape under the chain on the right hand side and has no reflectors on the wheels it has scratches on the handles it has scratches on th...

Framenumber Supplied 225

Rek-Tek (Canada) Tak-Tik-Ti (Titanium Frame, Carbon Wheels)

August 11, 2019 4pm, ,

Rek-Tek (Canada) Titanium Frame, Giant SLR Carbon Fibre Wheels, Disc Brakes, White Pedals

Reward Offered, 62

Voodoo Hoodoo

Tuesday 4th/ Wednesday 5th September, ,

Voodoo Hoodoo 20” frame. Pretty much like new. Had ‘Bell’ front and back lights on it, the front light being a USB rechargeable one. Had a front Ride Guard mudflap underneath the forks. Was stolen from a block of flats in Oldbury, West Midlands. I...

Reward Offered, 360

Mango Original single speed

Friday 6th September 2019, between 8:30am - 5:50pm. , ,

Bike stolen and lock chain cut on Friday the 6th of September from the bike racks at Birmingham Women's Hospital (in front of the Clinical Centre for Haematology building) at sometime between 8:30am - 5:50pm. The bike itself is a mango brand. Red ...

Reward Offered, 26

Barracuda Mountain bike

30th August 2019 , ,

White mountain bike.

Framenumber Supplied 31

Carrera bicycles Carrera women 🚺

31st August 2019 , ,

Disc brakes and cerise bottle cage. Front wheel missing as this was d locked.

Trek Carbon Elite 9.9 – 2012

Full XTR groupset, excluding pedals which are XT SPD. Damage to stem mount, front brake calliper and saddle where bike fell of car rack. Fox kashima forks.

Framenumber Supplied 601

Challenge dune Challenge Dune 700c hybrid bike

Around 10:30pm, ,

It had the base of a phone holder on the handle bars.

Trek Ladies 7.2FX WSD 19

Metallic blue metal-edge pedals with black plastic strapless toe clips bolted on Metallic blue stem adjuster Rear pannier rack (black) Front and rear

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 109

Giant Atx

mens giant mountain bike Electric blue alliminum bottle holder secure wheel nuts

Reward Offered, 21