Cube Peloton po

, 05/10/2023 20 pounds
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    20 pounds

Bike Description

53cm white with red strips and black lettering cube peloton pro removable fenders front and rear. handle bars are unusual in that they are typical road bike style but with flat upper section. Silver reflective tape on back and side forks carbon fiber garmin holder attached to the handlebars bike lock attachment inside the triangle

Theft Description

Thief climbed our locked fence, broke into our locked shed by smashing window and took the road bike back through the window and over the fence.  Happened while we slept in our back garden

Recovery Description

Amazingly months after it was stolen a guy was riding down the road a few blocks from our house. I saw him and ran a few blocks until he was stopped at a red light. I grabbed the handle bars and sandwiched the front wheel with my legs. Yelled so everyone could hear. Get off my bike you stole this bike. He was reluctant but the bystanders started telling him also to get off the bike. Once I had the bike, I listen to him, how he had just borrowed the bike from a friend etc… then I showed him pictures of the bike. He dialed his friend who said he bought the bike for 50 pounds. I said I don’t care you bought my stolen bike and I am taking it back. Then I took off the lights that where not mine handed it to the guy and rode home.