Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

On One 456 evo Titanium

Recovered after fantastic bike shop spotted it and got in touch through this website.

Framenumber Supplied 1,338

Trek 7.5 FX 2013

11 July 2014, during the night/early morning, ,

The bike was recovered by the Police while they were doing a property search on an unrelated matter. The guy inside whose living room the bike was found said he bought it, but obviously couldn't remember where from, and there is no way to prove he st...

Framenumber Supplied 1,123

Trek Lexa SL

2nd-3rd November, ,

The police arrested the thief from CCTV images, who admitted to selling the bike to Cash Converters. They were able to go to the store and recover it along with the other bikes that were taken at the same time.

Framenumber Supplied 1,130

Cube AMS 110 SL 18 full Sus 2012

05/06/2013, ,

I bombarded Facebook and asked to share photos and info. Had it back within the week.....

Framenumber Supplied 2,745

Revolution Track Single Speed

13th/14th July 2014, ,

Bike was reported to the police and then 2 months later we received a call from them as someone had found it outside their house in an alleyway and handed it into the police since it 'looked expensive'. The bike was brand new when it was stolen and w...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 1,430

Trek 7.3

British Transport Police found the bike for sale on gumtree a few days after it had been stolen. The thief had cut my bike lock, cycled down to the local train station (cambridge) and was seen on cctv cameras.


05/10/12, ,

Found it on eBay a few days after it was stolen. It wasn't listed under the real name (Jamis Ventura), instead the name had been subtly changed to James Adventure - which had the intended affect of not being returned in my search for the real name...

Reward Offered, 1,213

United Recruit 18″ bmx

21/05/2014, ,

Was stolen by my neighbour! Shared lots of pictures on Facebook and eventually it was returned!

Reward Offered, 1,663

Battaglin C13

By pure chance a friend of a friend used to be a police officer. Her friend who is still in the force was responsible for the Tour de France coming through parts of West Yorkshire, he felt high thefts would cause bad publicity and was not impressed b...

Paul Milnes hybrid

Thank you to the British transport police for their efforts. Bike was found the following January after it was stolen in October but had remained unrideable mainly due to other projects. It will work again!!