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Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Specialized P24 2011 Jump Bike

17th June 2015 PM, ,

Found it myself thanks, very impressed with this site though and will record all my frame numbers now if I ever need to report any stolen bikes again :)

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Pinarello Dogma 2

Monday 15th June 2015, ,

The bike, which Lee Eaton bought from Team Sky after making signs for the pro racing team, was stolen from his van on Monday, leaving Eaton devastated. The buyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, bought Eaton's bike for £1,250 from two men in their mi...

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Planet X XLS Tiagra Flat Bar

Wednesday 10 June, between 11am and 1pm, ,

Great work by Met. Police!! Although it took a couple of weeks before I could retrieve my bike, they apprehended the thief with it within half an hour of it being nicked. A simple case of a vigilant officer seeing a known criminal with a bike that ...

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Giant XTC Advanced

29th January 2015, ,

Trawled the internet daily for these bikes, just the frame recovered via eBay it has however changed hands various times and was built as a different bike Keep the faith people Thanks to this website and John, hopefully I can recover the other ...

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Douglas Oregon

Tuesday 9th June 2015, 5pm, ,

Discovered left abandoned in Cardiff Bus Station

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Niner e.m.d

Through stolen bikes! The automated search showed up my bike on gumtree. Police contacted. Bike recovered.

Apollo Gradient

09/06/2015, ,

I forgot that I left it at the supermarket the other day and walked home without it. My memory must have been very foggy as I have not slept properly for days and days

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SCOTT Scale Contessa 910

3rd June 2015, ,

I submitted my details to the site, then did a quick search using 'Find That Bike'. Lo and behold, it brought up a Gumtree advert for my bike, 90 miles away, that had been placed only 49 minutes previously. Police immediately contacted, bike was sei...

Giant Road Bike (small frame – custom mods)

5 June 2015, ,

This was one of two bikes stolen from back of car overnight. Both kids racing bikes. My daughters was dumped in gardens a few houses down, and we thought my son's was gone for good. However, went for search of local woods that evening and found his o...

Reward Offered, 1,428

Raleigh Cameo

1:30pm - 3:30pm 03/06/15, ,

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