Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Carrera bicycles Subway ltd

5th November 2015, ,

Went to the police to find it had been handed in by a community support officer!

Reward Offered, 712

Cotic Soul

29/10/2015, ,

Found it on eBay thanks to the search function on "Find That Bike". Called 101 and Derbyshire Police did the rest. Kudos to the cops!

Reward Offered, 749

Mondraker Foxy R 2016

Saturday 31 October 2015 between 15:40 and 16:00 - Gloucester rugby match was on. , ,

Someone in the local area and associated with this site (really sorry, i cannot remember his name) was really active, watching out for signs of stolen bikes around gloucester. About 6 months after it was stolen he spotted my bike being wheeled into a...

Reward Offered, 1,486

Diamondback Lex

Got word out and found the bike in a resident garden.

Reward Offered, 1,238

Specialized Ariel 2011

14.09.2015, ,

It was stumbled upon in a local supermarket by a friend of a friend, following 3 months worth of hunt on social media and members of community keeping their eyes open. She waited for someone to approach the bike and she questioned them about it- it s...

Reward Offered, 957

Reebok Optimum

Between 11.30pm on 22nd July 2015, and 11.30am on 23rd July 2015, ,

Local PCSO went out of her way to put two and two together to reunite me and the bike. It was stolen from a shed (with a rubbish lock) and dumped only 200 yards away. PCSO noticed the stolen bike report and found bike report were similar, and eve...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 835

GT Bicycles Avalanche sport

Facebook post passed on an on bike was back following day on my drive ?!? No contact still in process of tracking theif

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 1,531

SCOTT Aspect 650

17th July 2015, ,

Police recoverd

Framenumber Supplied 1,341

Trek Men’s hybrid

11/10/2015, ,

Found on Gumtree and liberated. Will be looking to press charges hopefully.

Reward Offered, 791

Dolce Specialized 2012 Women’s Bike

Sometime between Oct 4 and October 6, ,

It turns out my bike wasn't stolen. I had left it somewhere. Very embarrassing. It was a good way to learn how important it is to record the bike's serial number in case it ever is stolen.

Reward Offered, 914