Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Dawes Sonoran

10/01/16, ,

Found unlocked near my building

Reward Offered, 601

Apollo Crusader (five speed)

28th November, ,

Randomly spotted it chained up, and phoned the police, who identified it as mine and used bolt cutters to return it to me.

Reward Offered, 929

Klein Bikes Mantra Race

01/01/2016, ,

Finally turned up after chasing yodel for over 2 weeks!

Reward Offered, 909

BTwin Triban 500se

9th October 2015, ,

Police force recovered it. Had been sold to a near neighbour of mine, who then sold it to someone in Poynton...who THEN sold it to someone is Chester! Spotted it on Ebay, gave all the details. Police officer came and dropped it off within a week...

Orange Five Diva

31 December 2015, ,

Bike recovered, person who found it contacted me in exchange for £500 reward. It was a bit annoying buying your own bike back but just pleased to have found it.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 1,178

Apollo Belmont

4th December 2015 probably between 5 and 5.30pm, ,

I reported the bike missing to the police, despite not having a serial number. The police raided a house in the Hull area regarding an unrelated matter and found a number of bikes which didn't appear to belong to the occupier. As the police had my d...

Reward Offered, 1,003

Lexmoto Arrow 125

02/10/2015 - (23.45- 00.00), ,

It was sold through face book and the buyer contacted the police who gave me his number. bought it back for £200 and the thief got away with it as it is now a 'civil matter' apparently !

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 1,295

Vertigo Mont Blanc 26″ Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

I saw thief with my bike in the city and I report it to the police and than they recovered my bike!

Reward Offered, 1,976

Trek Fuel EX 7 2009

2/12/2015, ,

I received an email from find-that-bike to say my bike was being advertised on gumtree. I arranged to meet with the seller and also arranged for the police to be in attendance through 101. After 20 minutes of waiting and still no police being presen...

Framenumber Supplied 884

Carrera bicycles Virago

2nd December between 6pm and 8pm, ,

Contacted seller, met with police