Ridgeback Meteor

, 1715hrs sunday 25th Feb 2024
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    1715hrs sunday 25th Feb 2024

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Bike Description

15 years old with new black mudguards,  rear rack with olive green up and over panniers, front lockable wicker basket and bracket, toe clips, bell, cork brown handlebar covers, trailer attachment rear left.
 D lock loosely on handlebars.

Theft Description

<ol> <li>5 hoody and mask wearing youths stole bikes from LMH college next door to my house, one has flat tyres so was dumped near my house and mine was taken.  It was inside an enclosed garden but the gate was open and it was unlocked (my friend had just returned it and their family were arriving so the youths must have grabbed it in the few moments no-one was there).</li> <li>Several bikes have been stolen recently and dumped near homes or where youths hang out eg Sunnymede playpark/football pitch or Cherwell School etc.</li> <li>I have searched and found other bikes but not mine</li> <li>LMH have reported the theft and trespassing to the police</li> </ol>

Recovery Description

Nextdoor.com local residents spotted it and contacted me thro Nextdoor.com