Mafia Bike Kush 2

, 22nd/23rd January 2017
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  • Stolen When

    22nd/23rd January 2017

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Bike Description

6 month old, yellow BMX Mafia Bike Kush 2 Stolen from Wesham, Lancashire on 22nd/23rd January 2017.  Was taken from top floor of a communal flat on Wesham Park Drive.

Theft Description

Taken from top floor of a locked communal flats.

Recovery Description

Sharing the stolen bike link on FB with crime number made people realise we were serious about the bike. A number of people within the area said they knew who had taken it. The thief met my son with the bike in a carpark and demanded a reward...Cheeky git!! He then did a runner when a few blokes we'd got to join us turned up. Now just to let the boys in blue know....Thank you so much. Amazing site and service.