Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Btwin 520

15th March 2015, ,

The power of social media! Pictures got thousands of retweets, and a PC recognised it, then got in touch. Happy days!

Reward Offered, 2,106

Moustache Samedi Electric Bike

6.30-7pm 2nd Jan 2015, ,

Got it back!!! Thank you social media and for everyone that shared.

Reward Offered, 1,833

santa cruz bullit

16 oct 2012, ,

I recovered my bike myself... super sleuth'd it. Cops weren't interested until it was back in my garage!

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 1,645

TREK 5220

01-Feb-15, ,

The really bizarre thing was my bike was connected to a turbo...both were taken... The police found it in a ditch..apparently that's quite typical; apparently what happens a bike is stolen ...then dumped..the guy who has stolen then phones his accomp...

Red Brompton 3-speed folding bike

27th September 2014 between 7 pm and midnight, ,

Just wanted to say thank you for the brilliant website - I got my bike back in the end - turns out the Police had removed it themselves.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 1,296

gary fisher tarpon

7/10/2013, ,

Police found it the day it was stolen and told me about it 6 weeks later.

Reward Offered, 1,917

Brick lane bikes Lapiovra ltd air

Between 12 (noon) and 2pm, ,

After months of back and forth with a seller in e1 5hf (hunton street) where the seller would not try and sell it back, also the police didn't help much, the bike was sold in Shepherd's Bush. It was bought back, no police, due to personal value of th...

Reward Offered, 1,768

trek 3900 disc

3/11/13, ,

Bike was found unlocked outside local superstore, 12 months following it being stolen. A man came to the bike. The police were contacted. The bike was confiscated. The man was sold it by someone else. The serial numbers had been ground out. We recog...

Reward Offered, 1,605

Apache Bicycles Matto, made in the Czech Rep.

5.9.2014, ,

I put posters with the pic of the bike all round the neighbourhood offering reward for the bike with my nb. Someone has spotted young people on my bike and called me.

Reward Offered, 1,330

Genesis Vapour

6am 25th July - 9am 30th July, ,

I put search flags up on Ebay etc., and 2 weeks after it was stolen my bike appeared on Ebay. It was being sold on auction by a shop about a mile up the road! I informed the police and they were able to recover it for me. What I learnt from this w...