Romet M2 Mustang

, Toryglen G42 100£
  • Colour

    Black and Yellow

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    Toryglen G42

  • Crime Reference Number


  • Reward


Bike Description

It has some minor scratches down the frame but else looks like on picture, has phone holder on the middle of handrail and had mud guards on front and back black made ba zefir or simular

Theft Description

The chain was cut in my close looks like by a metal saw

Recovery Description

I nice person from this website contacted me that they have spotted my bike on Facebook marketplace listing and I head there to confront the seller police was notified and all they did was to advice me to not go there... anyway after interacting with the seller who was just 16 yr managed to get my bike back peacefully although his father had to make rasist remarks from the house at the end... Anyway i want to thank this site and people that helped me so much