Stolen Giant Roam

, 12-10-21 6pm None
  • Colour

    Black with blue & white highlights

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    12-10-21 6pm

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Bike Description

Slightly modified from the attached photo. Now has mudguards, replacement gear shift, replacement front gear cassette and guard, smoother tires. Suspension switch broken (top right of front fork). Reflectors on all spokes front and back when stolen. Some white paint/scratches on handlebars

Theft Description

Usually lives indoors. Washed it and left it outside in the garden to dry. Left for only an hour. D-lock through back wheel to stop anyone riding it away. Therefore, it was carried away. Quiet neighbourhood; never had any problems before. Wrong time of year - new students, new bikes, Christmas for bike theives.