Stolen Evans Pinnacle Arkose 2 2017

, Tuesday 21st November between 17.45 and 23.00 £200
  • Colour

    Blue (solid, bright blue)

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    Tuesday 21st November between 17.45 and 23.00

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  • Reward


Bike Description

Ladies Evans Pinnacle Arkose 2 2017 Adventure Road Bike Bike is a bright, solid shade of sky blue. Quite tall, very attractive. Answers to Matilda. One distinctive feature is the slight damage to the left hand side handlebar which has been covered in black electric tape (just visible in photos.) In fairness to the criminal(s) they were kind enough to leave me with my front wheel, so bike is that bit more recognisable for being a unicycle. I've included pictures of the full spec and remaining Kenda wheel! At the time of theft, she had front and rear mudguards fitted, as well as a back rack and my silly silver helmet, which no doubt kept someone safe on their journey home!!! Obviously these fancy mod-cons may have been removed by now.

Theft Description

  **Please call 101 if spotted - the police have already been informed ** On Tuesday 21st November, between 5.45pm and 11pm, my poor bike was stolen from the bike railings on Colston Street (opposite the cute little row of independent shops between Zero Degrees and the BRI... near Colston Yard. You know the place.) She was locked up but that's not enough of a deterrent for some enterprising dirtbags. The loss has been reported and CCTV should be recovered soon but as the bike is good condition and very distinctive, I would love for people to keep an eye out in case of resale, or brazen use around town. The front wheel was left in situ so she is pretty identifiable as a unicycle now. Any information would be really appreciated. I'm ridiculously sentimental about this bike after a few hundred miles of adventures and I have a few more already in the pipeline for spring, including a round trip to Amsterdam. It's a hard cycle, but will be even bloody harder without a bike! Thanks in advance for any help. Alice