Stolen B’Twin Triban 500 2017 road hybrid

, 07/06/2019-10/06/2019 £50
  • Colour

    Charcol black

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Bike Description

The given photographs are not of my bike, merely ones of the same model! The bike is primarily charcoal black, with some bright white lettering and an orange strip. The bike is a bit muddy. The bike possess non-standard (for the model) gearshifters, pedals, hand-grips and a seat with a green solid gel interior. The tires have been replaced with Vittoria Rubino G+ Graphene Tyres. There is a heavy duty chain and padlock on around the upper frame near the seat, the chain has a kind of plastic/fabric sheathing. There is a phone holder attached to the front handle bars.

Theft Description

The bike was originally in the shed in the back yard however my flat mates have a habit of leaving the front door unlocked and it's one those door's that don't lock after them selves; so It's highly probable a flatmate decided to take it or some one walked in, went to the back yard and took the bike.