Stolen Brompton Bicycle M3L

, 23rd October 2019 £100
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    23rd October 2019

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Bike Description

My bicycle just got stolen of my hands while I was waiting to go into a meeting in Shoreditch, London. If you come across any Cyan Brompton M3I being sold on Gumtree or any Street Markets please don't hesitate to contact me. The bike will be pretty easy to spot as it has a damaged front wheel mudguard. Part of the plastic material of the mudguard got a little bit ripped off right by the black rubber fin.  The sponges on the handles were also a little bit worn out. The bike should also have the Luggage Mounting Block and a blue/ black GPS holder on the handle bar.

Theft Description

I stopped in a corner to check my phone before going to a Client Meeting. Before picking up my phone I folded the rear wheel of the Brompton and sat it right next to me. A young kid came from behind me, quickly picked the bike, ran and unfolded and hoped on the bike and cycled away.  I ran after the kids but I couldn't catch them.