Stolen BeOne Ego Sport 2013

, 20th of March around 10pm £50
  • Colour

    White and Black

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    20th of March around 10pm

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Bike Description


Beone Ego Sport 2013 (white and black model, RRP around £1,400), frame no. CA120701513, there is also no. CMF55-19 on the frame, not sure what this relates to and a serial no. on the stem A1G0926152. The bike has several distinguishable features:


1)      Front derailleur was replaced from standard Shimano SLX to Shimano XT;


2)      Meet Lock black and white pedals were installed (really distinguishable, please see the picturesf attached);


3)      There were scratches on the original black paint in the place where rear wheel hub contacts the frame (from the rear sprocket side, but on the inside of the frame, hope this makes sense, but can explain in more detail or show on a picture), which I covered with dark blue enamel. I`m not sure this can be spotted without taking the rear wheel off, but if you take the wheel off you will see the spot for sure (you don`t even have to take the wheel completely off the bike, just lift it a bit).


Theft Description

2 bikes were stolen - my girlfriend`s and mine. This post is for mine, will make a separate report for hers.

It happened right in front of South Quay DLR station from 4 Pan Peninsula Square side (E14 9HN), there is plenty of CCTV in there, a few cafes and Tesco store (all of which were open when it happened). There were 3 thieves apparently, who hammered the locks (supposedly sticking a screwdriver into them and then hitting with a hammer) and ran with the bikes down Millharbour St. (they were spotted running with bikes by Pan Peninsula security, whom we contacted first, when we found out the bikes were stolen). I found one of the broken locks and a screwdriver in the bushes a few blocks down Millharbour St. (where Millharbour St. connects with Mellish St., so supposedly the thieves ran down Mellish St. or Tiller Rd.). I was really careful with the lock and the screwdriver and wearing my gloves on put them into a plastic bag, which I intend to hand over to the police at Limehouse Police station.