Stolen 6KU Fixie and Singlespeed

, 20:51 on Thursday 6th August 2020. £75
  • Colour

    Detroit Chrome

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    20:51 on Thursday 6th August 2020.

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  • Reward


Bike Description

6KU fixie and singlespeed bike in detroit chrome colour. Size = 55 cm. It has black wheels with reflectors removed and the frame is a chrome colour with no stickers or marks of any kind. The bike seat is not entirely straight and is positioned slightly to the side (left), and there was small light holder bracket on the right hand side handlebar.

Theft Description

I left the biked locked up with a kryptonite d-lock tied to a lampost outside of The Edge Shoreditch pub on 23-24 Shoreditch Hight Street, E1 6PG where Shoreditch High Street meets Bishopsgate A10. I went inside The Edge at approx 20:30 and left at 21:10. Came out to find my bike gone along with another bike that had been separately locked up on the same lampost, but my d-lock was still fully in tact and attached to the foot of the lampost with no damage whatsoever. I am in the process of receiving CCTV footage of the theft from the pubs CCTV system but have been told you can clearly see the theft occur at 20:51. There were many by-passers and traffic travelling around the area, inclduign the pubs doorman who was approx. 50 foot from where the bike was left, but he claims to have not seen anything and to have not noticed any type of incident or forced theft.