Recovered Bikes

Details of how some of our customers got their bikes back

Boardman Comp Mountain Bike

It was recovered by Staffordshire Police vice squad in a aid on house in Leicester where it looked very out of place! thankfully I'd noted the chassis number etc, and they were happy to return it after being held for evidence. Only half mile form m...

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Carrera Zelos

24/09/2014, ,

Police got it back after about a fortnight from a cash converters type establishment. The police said tbey could only prosecute for 'handling' & as girl had learning difficulties, would I agree not to prosecute & I was that relieved to get it bac...

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Transition DirtBag

21 April 2013, between 1am and 5am, ,

I did find my bike on the street! Some guy just was riding on in. Bike was repainted but someone left yellow wheel rims and gold fork. That why I could recognise my bike and off course I knew every single part on this bike becouse I did build "my ba...

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July 20th 2014, ,

The scrote that nicked it made a major mistake. He rode it to the railway station. The staff there are familiar with me and my Brompton and immediately recognised it. One watched which train he boarded whilst the other telephoned for the police. He f...

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Bombtrack Dash

Wednesday 19th November 2014, ,

I received a call from the London met advising that my bike may be on gumtree! I looked and sure enough it was there. They recovered a few bikes including mine and have charged two thieves. Mine wasn't tagged or anything and so I would strongly recom...

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01/06/2014, ,

i searched all sale sites, gumtree was the main site, i found the bike for sale on gumtree for £200 which i thought was low price, i contacted the seller to arrange to view, and then contacted the police to advise the time and place, the police then...

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cube agree gtc

8/12/2014, ,

Watched ebay for nearly a year then set up a meeting with buyer and sent the burglary squad instead.brilliant.

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Velorbis Churchill

19 September 2014, ,

I found it locked up beside the road. We put another lock on it and the police put a notice saying it was stolen and anyone with a claim had five days to come forward. Nobody did so the locks were cut off and it was recovered.

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Specialized Myka 2008 FSR Expert Ladies

9th May 2013 10.30-3.30, ,

I found my bike being sold on eBay in the next county. The Northptonshire Police were brilliant. They worked with the Leicestershire Police and myself to recover the bike and make investigations. However I had to contact the seller, pose as as custom...

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Kona Stuff Jr

15th July 2014 between 11.30 and 3pm, ,

I shared the bike on Facebook. The person that bought it contacted me to return it and gave information about the thief to the police. The thief was arrested but there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute.

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