Moustache Samedi Electric Bike

, 6.30-7pm 2nd Jan 2015 £500
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    6.30-7pm 2nd Jan 2015

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Bike Description

£500 Reward. My bike was stolen last night off of Narborough Road Leicester. It's my only form of transport.  It's an electric bike and is useless without the key which releases the battery to charge it up. This is my bike and I have the serial number. The make is Moustache, it's a french company, it has a special seat, it has a suspension seat post and rock shock suspension forks. It has a 4" riser bar on the handle bars, DMR Vaults flat pedals that are white with blue spikes and big apple tyres. There are only a few of these in the UK, it's handmade and was a special order on the size of frame. Most bikes are 48cm frame, nearly all bikes can't be bought with a frame size under 44cm, this is 40cm frame. It is covered in lights, 3 red on the back and 2 seriously bright lights on the front. On the front there a USE exposure Big Daddy which has a 1500 lumans brightness, it's brighter than a front car headlight. The other is a Night Rider 200 lumans with a blue tint. On the back are 2 Knog battery light and 1 Cateye rechargable daytime flasher that fits under the seat. It also has a black mudguard on the front and a white one on the back. It has ergon handle bar grips which are a pear shaped design that you rest your palms on. This bike is totally customised and modified, there is no mistaking it. I will find it. I won't stop until I do. Whoever the "proud new owner" is will have to contact the manufacturer to get a new lock and battery to make it work. I have already contacted them and they will not supply without the serial number so please just contact me DM, no questions asked, I just want it back. Please please help by sharing this.

Theft Description

Stolen from: leicester le3 0bd

Recovery Description

Got it back!!! Thank you social media and for everyone that shared.