TREK 5220

, 01-Feb-15
  • Colour

    Electric blue

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Bike Description

An electric blue Trek 5220 OCLV, this is an American import, bought in the US. I doubt there are any more than a handful in the UK. It very distinctive by its electric blue colour and yellow seat. The unusual thing is the bike was connected to a turbo, both were taken from my back garden. It was stored under a car blanket/cover, so the theifs may have thought it was a motorbike, under the blanket, with the turbo connected, it's possible to thinks it's a motorbike.. No other gardens were entered, so I suspect it had been spotted before.  Have attached a picture of the bike, this is the model, but not the bike..


Have att

Theft Description

Stolen from: Back garden with Turbo

Recovery Description

The really bizarre thing was my bike was connected to a turbo...both were taken... The police found it in a ditch..apparently that's quite typical; apparently what happens a bike is stolen ...then dumped..the guy who has stolen then phones his accomplices...and they pick it up the following day, if stopped they then say it was found in a ditch...Older bikes I'm told are stolen for scrap value, though at the mom the scrap value for them is minimal ....