Stolen Bikes

Bikes reported as stolen from in and around the UK

Raleigh Pioneer crossbar 2021 19”

18 January 2021, ,

Silver / grey nearly new mens  Raleigh bike with childseat. 19 inch frame

Framenumber Supplied 43

Boardman Bikes SLR 8.6

The bike was pretty dirty before it was stolen but the person who stole it  might have cleanned it. It had a recently changed silver chain (original model had black chain) and the pedals had collars with the left collar being slightly torn apart. The...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 45

Argon 18 Gallium Disc

16/01/2020, ,

Grey Argon gallium Disc with Maddux wheels. May have quad lock still attached on stem.

Framenumber Supplied 55

Bianchi Bianchi Camaleonte II Hybrid

1730, ,

Grey bianchi, medium/large size (58cm), mavic and Shimano wheels (two different brands) with flat bar disc brakes. Few scrapes on the body. Just replaced the cassette, chain and disc pads. Has a stick of 'big potato games' on it.

Saracen Cycles Hardtale

Sunday 17th January mid afternoon. , ,

Small (boys) mountain bike with main frame grey and yellow marking.

Reward Offered, 37

PInnacle Pinnacle Dolomite Limited Edition 2020 Womens Road Bike

It was stole sometime between Friday 15th and Sunday 17th January 2021, ,

The bike is a grey Pinnacle Dolomite Limited Edition. Women's frame. It was bought in July 2020 and riden maybe 2-3 times in the Summer, so it's pretty much brand new. I'm attaching some pictures of the bike.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 57

Serious Rockville

14/01/21, ,

  Front reflector was not on. In front of handlebar was a black clip/ clasp/ hook with a red button for his basket. Under seat on seat bar was a light. Had a Crislove bike stand. 24 gears Disc brakes Serial number for the kr...

Reward Offered, 48

Pretorius Outeniqua

23/12/20-30/12/20, ,

Custom built bike with Sram Red Etap, Hunt Wheels and Envy Carbon Fork

Reward Offered, 128

B’Twin Triban 500SE

12/02/2021, ,

Dark Grey Triban 500SE with a blue trim (54 frame). It had a new silver gear cassette and a thin black rack on the back.

Carrera bicycles Subway 2

17/01/2022, ,

Attached light at the front and one at the back (under the seat) also add a bottle holder.

Reward Offered, 44

Cube Nature

14/1/21, ,

Black bike with electric blue writing on frame, saddle and wheels. Has a pioneer rack fitted at the back, mud guard with a front and back light attached also. There was a black and red D lock attached to the bike.

Framenumber Supplied 34

Carrera bicycles Mirage

Between 9pm 12/01/21 and 12pm 13/01/21, ,

EDIT: Found out it's a Carrera Mirage. Bad photo is my actual bike, other photo is pulled from the net. Silver and green frame with Carrera logo on it. Mountain or hybrid bike. Size unknown, but I am 5'4'' and rode it comfortably with the saddle n...

Reward Offered, 60