An appeal to local bike shop owners

John Moss
By John Moss
June 8, 2013

Please, please…. please stop selling cheap chain/cable locks! In a recent June issue of a magazine aimed at the UK bike industry (shall remain nameless) I was horrified to see that these locks continue to be sold despite not being fit for purpose no matter how you look at it (there not even suitable as cafe locks).

Seriously, these locks just leave cyclists feeling that their bike is safe outside when in reality as the below video demonstrates they may as well not have bothered using it. With one cable lock holding up for a grand total of 1 second under the strain of a £3 pair of pliers.

Now here are some reasons you should care…

  • You can use the opportunity to upsell a better (Sold Secure Gold Rated) lock
  • Police forces usually suggest cyclists look to spend at least £40 or 20% of the value of their bike on a decent Dlock
  • If you sold a cyclist a cheap cable lock that gets broken, then they will associate the negative experience with your shop
  • Your helping solve a problem that effects 415,000 cyclists every single year
  • Many bike theft victims give up cycling, meaning one less potential customer in your area

It’s important to remember that cyclists come to local bike shops often for the better service and advice, by selling these locks that aren’t fit for purpose  your undermining that sentiment and missing a chance to give out some excellent security advice that results in you selling a more expensive lock.


  • LIZ

    I wish i had this advice before my sons bike was stolen from a very public place in Glasgow city centre, and i hope many others take the advice given, i have decided to purchase a Kryptonite new york bike chain, i hope this will be a sufficient deterrent in future

  • Your name

    U get what u pay for. I use a gold secure d lock (£50) and a cheap lock at times to attach wheels to d lock.