Some Statistics For You

Some Statistics For You
John Moss
By John Moss
April 17, 2013

We’ve gone over the latest Home Office statistics and found some pretty interesting things that smash some common thoughts about bike theft.

Here’s a run down, but for the full infographic click here.

  • I Lock my bike with a secure lock when I’m out, so I’m safe
    Nope, 69% of bike thefts happen at home
  • I don’t leave my bike somewhere unsafe at night
    Most bike thefts actually happen during the afternoon and evening, not at night
  • My bikes not very expensive, so I’m safe
    Specialized, Treks and Giants account for most bike thefts, and they certainly aren’t especially high end bikes
  • But it’s not going to happen to me
    A bike is stolen every 67 seconds, the threat of bike theft is very real

Despite the risk of bike theft, only 36% of cyclists have recorded their frame number. The main thing that helps Police get your bike back.

So how does this change anything?

With most bikes getting stolen from the home, it’s just as important to properly secure your bike when you get home as when you leave it on the street. If we examine the figures further your bike is most at risk in a shared semi-private area of the home, which includes sheds, garages and corridors.

Anchor points are difficult to come by in these places so a normal Dlock won’t cut it, if you store your bike within ear shot you may want to consider purchasing a cheap alarmed padlock (to use with your Dlock).

Failing that securing where you store your bike, can stop thieves getting near it in the first place.

As for the frame number, it’s simple write it down and put it somewhere safe.

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