Stolen Voodoo Bokor

, Earlier morning sun 27th Oct between 12 midnight and 3am Yes
  • Colour

    Bright blue

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    Earlier morning sun 27th Oct between 12 midnight and 3am

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Bike Description

Voodoo bokor 29er bright blue/turquoise.has wear mark on hadle bar on one side where had a lock on bars,has v shaped mudgurds on it topeak defenders ,blue cage bottle holder,has a voodoo logo in black vinyl on front where metal voodoo badge normally is also has a voodo black vinyl  Stencil logo on upper bar on frame below bokor logo wher I had a chip on frame. On the rear has touch up paint blended into frame on bars wot join wheel where had numerous chips on frame. The front thro axle for wheel is broken so just has the black bar minus the clip what u click down,also the main voodoo logo on bottom frame has a big chip on it  have recently chained chain to a gold coloured taya onze-111 11 speed chain  also lifeline gold alloy valve caps and recently changed innertube to b'twin 29x1.7/22 self repairing 60mm presta valve tube B'TWIN 29X1.7/2.2 SELF healing tube back different one has screw nut wher as self healing one dosnt and not self healing also on back near thro axel has loads of paint chips wher I tried get wheel off when it has seized to bike.all of witch stands out. So all these things would be tell tail sign its mine and make it stand out.

Theft Description

<p style="text-align: left;"><p style="text-align: left;">Was stolen outside kings gym at side in farnworth Bolton on sun 27th in morning</p></p>