Trek 7.5 FX 2013

, 11 July 2014, during the night/early morning
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    11 July 2014, during the night/early morning

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Bike Description

The bike was stolen from the garage of the building I live in sometime during the night between Thursday and Friday, 10-11 July 2014. The garage shutter was left open that night due to some mechanical malfunction. The bike was secured to the bike rack in the garage with a D-lock (OnGuard). I couldn't find the bike or the lock in the morning, so I assume the thieves managed to break the lock open somehow.

The bike had black mudguards fitted, a small round red taillight on the seat tube and the bracket for a front light on the handle. The right pedal is missing a tightening screw. Also, the bike was marked by my employer (bought through the Cycle2Work scheme) with no. UOM02036.

Theft Description

Stolen from: the garage of the Beaumont Building, 22 Mirabel Street, M3 1DX

Recovery Description

The bike was recovered by the Police while they were doing a property search on an unrelated matter. The guy inside whose living room the bike was found said he bought it, but obviously couldn't remember where from, and there is no way to prove he stole it. Also, because of the "care" the bike was treated, I had to carry out repairs of over £100 on it -- main thing, a severely bent back wheel. At least I got it back…