Stolen Tern HSD s8i

, Night of 18/19 Feb £300
  • Colour


  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    Night of 18/19 Feb

  • Crime Reference Number

    Getting one

  • Reward


Bike Description

Black Tern HSD s8 with Captain’s Chair with blue hand warmer gauntlets; Hauler rack with large black wire basket attached with Rok straps and white perforated plastic lining. The cafe lock is missing and the mounting plate for the locks shows signs of damage. The frame around the midsection has lots of small bits of missing paint from where it’s chipped off when locked up. There was no battery in the bike when stolen, nor the panniers   I don’t know why the picture is upside down. I tried uploading an upside down version to compensate but it still showed as upside down.

Theft Description

The bike was attached to a plantlock planter using a Litelok. As the lock is angle grinder resistant they cut through the plantlock and the Abus chain