Stolen Ridgeback Vanteo Metro 2015

, 11/07/2018 I will embroider you something beautiful and personal.
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    I will embroider you something beautiful and personal.

Bike Description

  • Front gear wire has a blue cap on it, back gear wire is frayed and without a cap
  • Back brake pad is discoloured
  • Three scratch marks along the top bar, in line with the bar
  • Odd looking handles which have been worn smooth
  • Flecks of the tires coming off, some areas are bare
  • Slightly peeling sticker from Langsett cycles
  • Shimano altus rear derailleur, not regular for the sort of bike
  • Small orange tag on the rear brake pad that I probably should've taken off
  • White bell and casio watch on the handlebars, but I assume the thief took these off
  • The reflector on the rear wheel has fallen off
The pictures I have of it are all awful, and all show it with the mudguards on, which I took off around three days ago! In the second photo it's at the left hand side, just past the guy in the purple top. The sad man in the photo isn't me but he does pretty accurately portray my current emotions.

Theft Description

It got nicked from a shared hallway that our neighbours didn't close the door of. We live in Chorlton and it must have happened after 11pm the night of the 11th of July.