Mountain bike Whistle miwok 1382D

Bike Description

It's white with blue writing. it has I little tear on the seat it says black Jack on the tyres. it's 20inchs with a 24sp. front suspension.

Theft Description

My son lent his friend to bike home on and he was fetching it back the next day when someone he knows asked to have a go of it then rode off and never came back. I have heard today that he has sold it

Recovery Description

My son saw it out side our local shop so I went to see if it was his and yes it was. The boy who had it said he swapped his bike for my sons. They have swapped the wheels completely and pedals and taken the front brake lever out. So that it wouldn't be recognized but my son's bike had a little tear in the seat and distinguished marks on the frame. Lucky it came back in the area.