Stolen Kokumo Cignal

Bike Description

SORRY THIS BIKE HAS NOW GONE JUST BACK WHEEL LEFT 04/1/2024 Found this bike ditched / hidden 100metres down Pioneer Close LE4 5QY@ Back of Abbey Lane Asda been there ~1-2 weeks hidden away in hedge on RHS before you get to track that takes you down to River Soare.Am Posting Pictures in case someone is looking for it?I've had 2 bikes stolen from the Asda over the years so know it's a bit of a Hotspot 01163674068 07766851976 Looks like a lot of the Bikes Parts have been removed or (Maybe somebody just wanted to throw it out ?)Sorry Pictures arent very good getting quite dark /late .Hope I've got  make & model right should have written it down thought it would be clearly readable from the pictures Bike is a Hybrid 700wheels mudguards rear rack 18?Speed Shimano Is quite an older Model.Needs to be recovered pretty quickly as I'm sure some clever clogg will try to Sailing it in the River Soar

Theft Description

AS PRE-MENTIONED I FOUND THIS BIKE DUMPED TODAY 1/1/2024 HOPE IF Someone is looking for it they can get it back I havent reported it to Police didn't have time to look for frame number & couldn't find any ID details on the bike maybe the owner dumped it?BUT do know a lot of Bikes get stolen from the Asda Abbey Lane store even with the Bike racks & cameras. Apparently if you have got Bikes that are no longer used / dated HALFORDS are happy to accept & they get shipped out to Africa