Halfords Carrera vengeance 642141

, 17/02/2020 between 12.10am to 2.30am £50
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    17/02/2020 between 12.10am to 2.30am

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Bike Description

Orange Carrera vengeance  not that old  bought August 2019 very clean and has a little bit of damage/scuff to the rubber handle grips on the sides and only it has a small bit of rust on the chrome part of the folks also had green bike lock on it and dark grey/black and red light on the front handle bar and one below the seat both same light and colour was attached by velcro also had a black clip attached to handle bar

Theft Description

The bike was stolen from my back garden on 17the February 2020 at around 12.10am to 2.30am in fleetwood area the person dumped another bike outside my garden and the entered my garden and took the orange Carrera vengeance bike

Recovery Description

Checked all local cctv and posted on all local sites and asked a lot of people around the town eventually the thief couldn't resist selling it to another local person who had been told about the bike and they made contact with me ... from the day it was stolen to getting it back was only 7 days now I've invested in cctv and the police did nothing and wasnt any help at all