decathlon rockrider 5xc

, late hours of sunday 07/10/18 or early hours of monday 08/10/18
  • Colour

    black and white

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    late hours of sunday 07/10/18 or early hours of monday 08/10/18

  • Crime Reference Number


Bike Description

it has white halo combat wheels which are quite distinct as the rims are quite wide looking on that bike and these have red dmr quick release skewers ,  black manitou forks it has newer red handlebars with white lettering on the front which is the make and model 'six pack millennium'  they were originally 785mm wide but I sawed them down to 745mm so obvious small scratches on one side when I did the sawing down and also if the grips are taken off it shows they have been shortened as not perfectly straight cuts.  the grips are red 'dmr deathgrips' which have a rubber flange again quite distinctive.  black dmr v12 pedals,  front tyre is continental rubber queen race sport and rear is continental mountain king II (still quite fresh so the logos show well on the sides of the tyres)  the brakes are shimano deore XT and the mounts for them on the fork and rear are red as well as the 180mm disks both front and back (the centre of the disks are red the make of these are ashima and the model are airotor which is on the discs in small writing),  there is a red hope quick release seat clamp and the seat is black and red raceface Aeffect and there is an adjustable height (dropper) seatpost which has a lever on the handlebar for adjusting the height whilst riding the make of the seatpost is tranzx the make of the lever on the handlebar is ks (kindshox) which I bought second hand from ebay to replace a broken one that came with the seatpost (this makes it very unique) and is mechanically actuated with a cable leading from the lever to the seatpost similar to gears.  the gears are standard shimano Alivio 8 speed including the front and rear derailer and shifters but I have removed the 3rd chainring on the front so it only has 16 gears and the 3rd chainring I have replaced with a red hope lightweight bashring which is also unique and there is a chainstay mounted Exustar chain guide/tensioner which is red.

Theft Description

Spennymoor (top end known as middlestone moor) our garden shed was broken into whilst me and my wife were on holiday but my daughter was house sitting.  unfortunately on sunday night it was very windy and she was sleeping in the front bedroom so didn't hear anything.  three bikes were stolen one has already been recovered so reporting the other two.  they broke the plate that the padlock is attached to rather than the padlock itself.    

Recovery Description

police recovered bike as it was abandoned in an estate up the road from where it was stolen.