Stolen Dahon Vybe 708145

, 26/05/2018 between 1pm and 9pm
  • Colour

    Black - with some water green/bluish stripes, white Dahon logo

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    26/05/2018 between 1pm and 9pm

  • Crime Reference Number


Bike Description

  • 20 inch
  • 7 speeds
  • signs of tear and wear including some rust
  • the plastic see-through cover of the chain-ring was slighly broken
  • One of the tyres is not the original one, it's a schwalbe marathon plus
  • the middle of the handlebar is a bit loose
  • dark brown bell on the left hand side
  • came with a black rear rack
  • had a pink bungee cord on the rear rack
  • had two locks: a white Knog Bouncer D-lock on the rear wheel and a black Abus Ionus chain-lock

Theft Description

On Saturday 26/05/2018 around 9 pm and found out my bike was stolen. I had use it during the day, coming back home around 1pm and parked it in the usual spot. The block of flats I live in has a rear gated yard - with signs forbidding access to non-residents - and I parked my bike under the fire escape. It was locked with a thick chain lock to a railing  and a D-lock locked the rear wheel. The bike is not visible unless the private property is trespassed. I assumed to have been seen in the past days parkling my bike there, so the thief came equipped to break both locks without making noise. No one in the area, including ground floor business owners have heard anything. I reported the crime to the police as soon as I acknowledge my bike was gone.