Stolen Bikes in South East

Bikes reported as stolen from in and around South East

Mango Classic

19th June to 20th June, ,

Single speed, navy bike with brown handle bars and seat. White wheel rims

Specialized Vita 2011

Night of Thu 18th June 2015, ,

Largely standard as sold; back carrier added.

Framenumber Supplied 491

Specialized P24 2011 Jump Bike

17th June 2015 PM, ,

Looking for my Specialized P24 2011 bmx cruiser / jump bike stolen from outside MK library 17/06/2015 pm. Frame, fork, handlebars and cranks are green / grey colour with anodised blue chainring, hubs, headset and seatpost. Pedals and seat are clear p...

Reward Offered, 931

Kona Dr Fine

Wednesday 17th June , ,

The image below is a picture of a new model, as we do not have a photo of the bike. But it has bright purple handlebar grips which can only be removed with an allen key. It also has a light fixed to a front which looks bit like a small black torch...


17 June 2015, ,

Folding bike, silvery, small size (girl size). Brand and model is QUER - FB-X 03. The tiers are michelin, thick ones suitable for any road, small size (I dont  remember the inches though) The cover of the plate is a bit bent due to shipping fro...

Carrera bicycles Vulcan

It is black green and white mostly, it has a rear light on the seat post a lock holder on the centre post on the frame and a gel seat cover. It has 24 speeds and has hydraulic brakes. Do not have a picture of my exact bike but have one of the same bi...

Framenumber Supplied 836

Whyte Malvern

nightime 15.6.2015, ,

Had a black back rack, front mud gaurd only, cat eye computer, cat eye front and rear light, side stand, combined bottle holder and pump holder, D lock holder.

Carrera bicycles Subway

14-Jun-2015, ,

Black/Grey Carrera SubwayWomen's Hybrid bike. It has an easy detachable front tyre

Framenumber Supplied 484

Raleigh Nitro

Friday 12 June 2015 between 8pm and 10pm, ,

Standard frame mountain bike, no suspension. Damage to rear corners of saddle, has cable lock around top bar, small bike pump. 3 gears at front, large chainwheel bent. 7? at rear. Front fork has speedo pickup.

Carrera bicycles TDF 7005 T6

Wednesday 3rd June 2015, ,

Black paintwork with yellow accents and no reflector on the rear

Framenumber Supplied 1,952

Ammaco MTX 200

13/06/2015, ,

Mountain bike with front basket and locker

Reward Offered, 1,207

Trek Elite 8.5 2014

Between March & June 2015, ,

Stock bike. Only upgrades were brown FWE trail saddle and red FWE track pedals.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 532