Stolen Bikes in South East

Bikes reported as stolen from in and around South East

Specialized Ariel 2011

14.09.2015, ,

White and brown 2011 model of Specialized Ariel with white saddle, a marmite jar- like sticker with Noahs bikes advertisement on under the seat on the front, LED front light, the front white cats eye had loose braket, brown/black marking on the front...

Reward Offered, 876

Apollo Transfer

19/09/2015, ,

Grey Apollo Transfer, Hybrid for city usage. The rear tire is not completely circular (when use the bike goes a little up-down). Rear gears only the 3-5  are operating. Handle, brakes are not the same as bought. They have been mortified.  Please, ...

Boardman Bikes PRO 29er

22/07/2015, ,

Large frame / 19" wheels. Bike was 1 year old and in good condition. Crossbar damaged with chipped paintwork. Red tape was used to cover it over. White tape was wrapped around top of fork to protect frame from brake cable wear. Only the left peda...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 738

Scott Voltage FR20

22/10/2015, ,

Scott Voltage FR20 - Bright Green with large Rock Shox Boxxer front forks which have completely one off custom graphics on them. The bike has gold handle bars gold bolts and a gold seat post so its pretty distinctive. Also has green writing (ZEE) on ...

Reward Offered, 791

Carrera bicycles Vengeance

23/7/15 between 13h00 and 14h00, ,

White bike, thick black tyres, large frame.

Framenumber Supplied 624

Ridgeback Mx24

Saturday 18th July between 12am - 2am, ,

Boys mountain bike. Has a black bell. A few scratches on the frame (the part that goes horizontally across). Has lights on the front and back of bike.

Framenumber Supplied 572

Bmx Voodoo Horde

Saturday night, ,

its grey frame with purple decals on it the word voodoo in purple black seat with voodoo in purple all over it also from stunt pegs that are black with white writing on it and my sons initials are engraved in 2 places on the bike

Framenumber Supplied 1,826

Kona / transition Operator carbon 2015/ tr450

Wednesday July 1st, ,

Please share this as much as possible. The police are useless so taking matters into my own hands.both bikes was stolen around 4 weeks ago from Ruskin avenue in Southend.

Reward Offered, 1,143

Banshee bikes barracuda

june 2015, ,

couple of marks on frame otherwise good had new rear derailleur and had lime green zip ties

Carrera bicycles Hellcat 2

19th September 2015, ,

The bike was a 29inch wheel bike, the dominant colour is black with blue outline with some yellow. The frame size is 29inch. The front reflector has been removed but the back one is still intact

Carrera bicycles kraken

Hove, Palmeria square, ,

2008 model all black with silver graphics and text.  mud monkey mud guards.  back front lights.  the back tyre valve had snapped off where you adjust it to allow air out. same as pic but with mud guards and continental tyres with orange text. instead...

Reward Offered, 532

Charge Plug 2014

17/10/2015, ,

It's got a black body with bull horn handlebars and orange wheels. It also has an orange chain. Black seat.

Reward Offered, 536