Stolen Bikes in East of England

Bikes reported as stolen from in and around East of England

SCOTT Metrix 40

17th August , ,

Women's hybrid bike. No accessories except for bell and front light holder.

Specialized Transition

31-10-2018, ,

Specialized Transition time trial bike with Shram S80 wheels 

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 341

Carrera bicycles Vengence

02/11/18 between 10am and 11am , ,

Black Carrera Vengence with 18" frame, black grips.  Two different tyres (tred and brand) on the front and rear.  Bike fitted with clip spoke reflective on each alternate spoke.

Framenumber Supplied 275

Specialized ALLEZ

Red road bike with black logo

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 46

Pashley Cycles Mailstar (Elephant Bike)

This is an ex-Royal Mail Pashley, painted dark olive green and with the words "Elephant Bike" on the body. It has a heavy duty steel frame and basket holder, and was stolen from my house in Cambridge with the Polisport Guppy children's bike seat and ...

Reward Offered, 127

Specialized Allez

15/10/2019 20:20, ,

Red, 2014 model with Carbon FACT forks and black handlebars. Rear Cateye Light attached Pump attached Silver Bottle Holder attached

Reward Offered, 66

Carerra Crossfire 2

Carerra bike from Halfords that I’ve had for a year. Has: beaverguard front and rear mud flaps orange drinks cage tyre pump mount under the drinks cage did have handlebar mounted phone holder and storage pouch the bike also had a ...

Framenumber Supplied 85

Raleigh Array

Raleigh Array electric bike bought from Low step, small size, latest (2019) model. Stolen yesterday outside St Johns College, Cambridge.

Reward Offered, 21

Carrera bicycles Carrera parvar

14th november 2019, ,

grey Carrera has lime green on it the gears are hard to change has two lights on bike and a racer wheel on back of bike and a normal wheel on front of bike.

Reward Offered, 28

Carrera bicycles Valour

Overnight 12/09/19, ,

Used and with a bike lock and phone holder attachment possibly still on the bike.

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 93

Trek Merlin 5

Tuesday 14th November, ,

Black and green with phone holder on handle bar and last seen at university of Hertfordshire, De havilland campus

Ted James Design Custom

One-off custom Ted James Design (TJD) touring/cyclocross frame. Small size, Reynolds 921 Stainless Steel tubing, 44mm headtube, chunky copper-plated straight leg fork. Extremely recognisable. Specced with Middleburn cranks (red mtn triple spider, ...

Reward Offered, 52