Stolen Bikes in Suffolk

Bikes reported as stolen from in and around Suffolk

Carrera Crossfire 1

17th January 2020, ,

White carrera crossfire 1 bike, only brought in September.

Framenumber Supplied 25

Boardman Bikes MX Sport

29-30 december, ,

Blue-black color, good condition. Bit of rust at the chain and gears. Few marks on the left side. Photo not mine, but it looks the same.

Framenumber Supplied 43

Kona SPLICE 2015

Saturday 22 December 2018, ,

Metallic marine blue frame with white "KONA" decal on side of frame and navy blue "SPLICE" along the top. Replaced stock tyres with off-road tyres. Front headlamp mount on handlebars (right side) and rear lamp mount under saddle.  

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 215

Carrera bicycles Vulcan

Monday 30th between 6.20am and 6.40am, ,

red mens carrera, black drinks holder attached to the frame.

B’twin ELOPS 500 Electric Bike

4th of December, ,

The cassettes and chainsets are very rusty and the left hand brake are not quite that functional

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 386

Trek FX2

21. November 2019, ,

With black mud protectors. Peeled off Bontrager labels on wheels. Black plastic pedals.

Framenumber Supplied 83

Carrera bicycles Crossfire 2

5th June between 9am and 10.30am, ,

Brand New! 19" Carrera Crossfire 2. Satin black with green decals. Had handle bar bag and small lights on it.

Framenumber Supplied 487

Forme Cromford 2

Between 7.30 am and 18.00 pm., ,

My 6 week old Forme Cromford 2 hybrid bike was stolen from my place of work (Ipswich Hospital) at some point today. The bike is matte black with a pannier rack mounted to the back and front and rear mudguards. Unfortunately, there are no real disting...

Carrera bicycles Crossfuse £500 reward

30th August 2019 8.45pm, ,

Stolen in Stowmarket (near Ipswich, Suffolk) hybrid Bosch e-bike, battery missing, will be being sold WITHOUT BATTERY or keys, 19 inch frame two front lights, one rear light, seat post is scratched on decals, right pedal is scraped up from a kerb...

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 247

Carrera bicycles Vengeance

Seat had hole in back funky wheal caps on pump bits think they were a bullet and eye ball have photo of thief and witnesses. Reported to police. No one stopped them even though mid day busy time

Framenumber Supplied 140

Carrera bicycles Sulcata

23/10/2019, ,

Dark charcoal grey almost black frame with electric blue writing

Reward Offered, Framenumber Supplied 249

Husqvana 250te

2005 husqvana 250 te white mud guards and the rad scoops are red with a blue seat cover gray tank. Both levers have the ends broken off. The engine is black but should be gray .