Stolen YT Industries YT Tues CF Pro Race

, 2-5am 23rd July

Bike Description

Full carbon Downhill Mountain bike. Has had bespoke work done to the linkage which means there is a bronze phosphorus sleeve in place of the original steel one. This component is in removable without incredibly specialist equipment the repair was done by a friend of mine who works at an aviation repair centre that repair Boeing airplanes to give you an idea of the tolerance of the machinery required to safely bore out sleeves of metal from a carbon fibre mountain bike frame. The bike was in the middle of a restoration project of mine so was missing gears and had a non working rear brake. The bearings in the rear hub were in need of replacement and was actually booking into the bike shop for that until the bike was stolen. The bike is in no shape to be safely ridden currently as the forks need new seals and so does the rear shock.

Theft Description

Stolen in a well planned robbery that included at least 2 thieves they broke through a total of 6 locks leaving the bikes tethered together with the final heavy chain lock that was supposed to prevent the bikes from being carried away easily. Sadly this did not work as the thieves worked as a team to remove the bike from the garage making little to no noise the dogs on my property didn’t get woken up neither did the neighbours dog or my neighbours who slept directly next do they garage that was broken into. The garage was locked up very tight and was difficult to get bikes from even with a key. A recent clear out of the garage likely made this easier to do as there as less clutter in the way.