Stolen Yamaha WR250

, Early 2015
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    Early 2015

Bike Description

Registration number: MX58 OXV Blue 4 stroke Motor Cross motorcycle. + That same night it was stolen again from outside my home.

Theft Description

The bike was parked, as usual, directly outside my house, at night. It was recovered by the police, in Pwllheli, about 3 months after the theft, and taken to Hardy's Garage Compound in Pwllheli. I then paid £200 to get it back and when I went to collect it, 3 days later, the CDI Unit had been removed and both tyres were flat. The girlfriend of the man who was found with the bike, and who said he had bought the bike in good faith, was in the Compound at the time and offered to swap my motorcycle for a push bike, which I obviously refused. That very night the bike was stolen again from outside my house. It could not have been ridden away without the CDI Unit and must, therefore have been put into a van and taken, which was definitely pre-meditated and not an opportunistic crime. This makes me think that it may well have been taken back to the PWLLHELI area. I didn't want to make a claim against my insurance when this happened as I knew this would increase my insurance payments and I had every faith that the police would find my bike and I would get it back, even after the second theft, as it seemed that the thief had local knowledge and it had clearly not been sold on very far out of the Bangor area where I live the first time. My insurance was ultimately increased anyway, just because I had had a stolen bike, regardless of not having made a claim.